1. We value authenticity.

Real love. Real emotion. We don't shy away because we know this is the stuff that makes life worth living. We know you do too.

We capture that love... in all its real-life, laughter-through-the-tears glory. One glance at the images we create together will bring back all those memories of a time when you loved freely, recklessly, caring only for the here and now and the ones you love.

2. We all want to be known.

We know that finding "your people," the ones around whom you can be 100% yourself, is a priceless gift.

Before we shoot even one frame (OK, we shoot pixels but film talk is more fun!) we get to know you. We ask questions that help us understand what makes your relationship special: what draws you together and keeps you that way.

Our images are about you... not about props, not about locations, but about you. You will be known.

3. Laughter is our love language.

Sometimes (OK, maybe more often than that) you laugh 'til your sides ache. Smiles are your currency of joy. You're glass-half-full kind of people.

We believe in creating a positive, fun-filled environment during our time together. You can relax and enjoy yourselves (really!) because we've got this. We've photographed hundreds of couples and have dealt with just about every glitch, hiccup and hurdle you can imagine. Your images will capture your joy regardless of the challenges the day brings. Pinkie swear.

4. We know that this too shall pass.

Time is fleeting. In the blink of an eye you and your love are knee deep in life. And sometimes it's hard to remember how it all began, this adventure you're on together.

That's what we're here for. To slow down time... just a bit... enough to create images that will forever remind you of this moment. The sparkle in his eye when he looks at you. The goofy grin on her face when you tickle her 'til it hurts. The bond you share that will guide you safely through this adventure, together.

5. We believe it takes a village.

You know you're blessed to be walking this Earth alongside others... your love, your family, your friends. Through good times, and bad, they've got your back, and you've got theirs.

We know we're blessed. We have each other, our three wonderful kids, our family, our friends, and one slightly crazy basset hound named Banana.

So let's share our blessings. When you hire us to document your wedding, we donate 5% of our after-tax income to four organizations that we think are building a village we can all be proud of. Learn more here.