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You’ve seen the stills, here’s the short film.

I sure do love capturing a whole day in a family’s life. I view these little movies as little time capsules.

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About a year ago, we were asked told that we were coming to Calgary to document a day in the life of the McArthur family. And, if you ever meet Nikki (check out her sweet marketing/branding company while you’re at it), you do what she says. You do it because she’s awesome and her kids middle names are Epic & Danger & her other little is named after a Beatle (with a fourth on the way!). You do it because you want to tell real life stories of awesome families all over the world. You do it because real life is what matters most… the love we give and receive and share with our spouses and kids and friends.

This is a glimpse into a day in the McArthur family’s life.

Note: These are the stills and there will be a sweet little video coming soon!

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On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September, Josh photographed the amazingly adorable Sykes family at Forest Park in St. Louis. The way this family loves is so beautiful and inspiring!!

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Casey + John are all ’bout that bass. No treble.


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Katie + Dan got married on a hot day at the Cider Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas. This is their story…it’s a sweet one!