Agreement Deposit China

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The interest on deposits of a basic savings amount as part of the RMB agreement deposit is calculated with the corresponding current deposit rates, which are announced by the People`s Bank of China. Interest on deposits that exceed the amount of basic savings is calculated quarterly, with the corresponding agreement being promulgated by the People`s Bank of China in rMB interest rates; when these interest rates are adjusted over the interest calculation period, they apply to the calculation of multi-tiered interest rates. You lose the deposit if you go out again, whether you break furniture or not, unless you have a very generous owner who is a needle in a haystack The deposit is not only for broken furniture, etc., it is also for if you leave suddenly. I would first try to negotiate this deposit up to a month or 3000 Kuai or something like that. I`ve never had such a large deposit, but the contract is actually pretty clear, or should be. Note that if you pay 6 months` rent on a time, well, your landlord will probably be worried if you`ve just wired 4 months rent for the last 6 months… You need to look carefully at this issue. In Kunming, in addition to the deposit, you have to pay a rent of 6 months in advance, and sometimes they will ask you to pay every 12 months if that is the length of your lease. The 2-month deposit will only ensure that the owner will not lose much if you break furniture or appliances.

Normally, it doesn`t cost you anything if you go out. The contract is a standard format that the government needs, etc., and the conditions are generally the same. I`m sure you won`t go into great trouble if you make the owner known about 1 month in advance. Even the owner will not waste money to pursue you, because the apartments in the Tianhe area are very easy to rent. It`s actually a very simple and simple case. My immediate question, which appears in mind, is whether the contract defined the meaning of the word “deposit.” Metrobank offers different types of deposits, including RMB deposits and deposits for major currencies such as USD, HKD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP and PHP. Our multiple deposit conditions and flexible interest rates allow you to manage your funds comfortably and efficiently. You can choose from six RMB fixed deposit conditions, including 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years.