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Little kids and sports go hand and hand. It’s so important to teach them about teamwork, good sportsmanship (thanks dad), and how to play basketball. Max and Zoey have been doing little tykes basketball for the past 6 weeks, and this morning was the last session so I decided to bring my camera along.

Before you can play, you have to stretch. Visit here to learn more.

Then you have to run some laps (note: my son is almost always last, but he has a fun time being last if you ask me). I love how Zoey is turning around and smiling at him. It sure would be nice to be a kid again wouldn’t it?

This is pretty much what happens at basketball every time there is a stop in the action. I sure feel sorry for the teacher who gets these two in the same class in a few years.

I think Zoey gave Max a kiss here and he got a little embarassed

Got the jersey and he’s ready to go

That’s some good defense, but Zoey managed to get the shot off

Some good defense by Max and Zoey

I love how excited he gets when he gets the ball

We’re still working on the whole catching part

I just like the chaos of the kid guarding Max here, going all crazy, and Max keeping his cool and trying to make the play (actually, I think the kid stole the ball from him right after this picture).

Here’s what Ava does during basketball. It was actually fun watching her try and participate with all of the big kids.


No! No! The basket is the other way!

Okay, you got the right idea (but he missed the shot)

And, finally, a little sequence I happened to be lucky enough to catch on camera. Check out this awesome shot Zoey made!
zoey shot

Congratulations, Kelley!!!

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The sign says it all. A big congrats goes out to Kelley for the grand opening of her new studio. We met Kelley last June when we had her take our family’s pictures and I’m glad we did. Both Jenny and I are so happy for her. She’s such a talented photographer and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her business.

Since it’s such a long drive, Heather rode up with us as well. She brought her new love, the Nikon D3, so I let her take most of the pictures, but I really thought this one says a lot about Heather and Kelley:)

Sam was really excited when I took this picture, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

Kelley’s studio rocks. All the details are so…her. If you are ever up near Leavenworth, make sure you check it out!

Top 10 Albums of 2007

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Normally, I keep this blog to pictures, both of clients and of my wonderful family and friends, but tonight I got to thinking that music is just as big a part of my life as everything else I post on here, so I decided to do list my top 10 albums of 2007.

Here it is:
top 10

1. Jose Gonzalez – In Our Nature
Most nights I’ll be downstairs editing to soft, beautiful music, and oftentimes it’s Jose Gonzalez. In Our Nature is every bit as good as Veneer, his first album.

2. Iron & Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog
Iron & Wine is another artist that puts me in a great frame of mind. Sam Beam has one of the most relaxing voices I’ve ever heard.

3. Bedouin Soundclash – Street Gospels
I met these dudes earlier this year and seriously they are my favorite reggae band, besides Bob Marley, of course. Most reggae nowadays is terrible, but Bedouin has a sound that reminds me of the great old reggae put out in the 60’s and 70’s.

4. Ben Harper – Lifeline
I met Ben Harper earlier this year as well (click here). He is by far my favorite artist, and Lifeline does not disappoint. I love old school soul music in the vein of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, etc, and this album totally has that 60’s soul vibe to it. It was recorded on all analog equipment live, no computers used at all, and you can tell. If you love soul music, check out Lifeline.

5. Xavier Rudd – White Moth
I love me some Australian music, and Xavier Rudd is on top of that list. This album would be enjoyed by anyone who is a fan of Jack Johnson. He plays most of the instruments by himself all at the same time including, lap slide, harmonica, didgeridoo, and stomp box. It’s a very rootsy album with some of the tracks including an indigenous tribe from Australia chanting and such. I love it:)

6. Ray Barbee & the Mattson 2 – Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2
Ray Barbee is one of my favorite guitarists. I first heard him on the “Sprout” soundtrack, one of my favorite surf movies. Anyway, this album is all jazz. It’s hard to find, but if you like relaxing jazz music trio’s (guitar, bass, drums), check this one out.

7. John Butler Trio – Grand National
John Butler Trio is another one of my favorite Australian bands. John Butler is one of my favorite guitarists and he shreds on some of these songs.

8. Corey Harris – Zion Crossroads
Corey Harris has been my favorite blues-roots artist since I saw him open up for Dave Matthews in 2002. Anyway, he changes it up and this one is a roots-reggae album. It could have been recorded in the early days of reggae as well. Any reggae fan should have this in their collection.

9. BLKTOP Project – self-titled
The BLKTOP Project is a super-group of sorts. It features Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, Matt Rodriguez, Doug Scharin, and Chuck Treece and is some of the most laid back instrumentals you will ever hear. It’s the perfect album for a long road trip.

10. Eisley – Combinations
Eisley finally, finally put out a follow up to their debut album, Room Noises. The harmonies on this one are amazing. All their voices work together to make some of the most beautiful pop music you will ever hear.

It was hard for me to narrow this list down to 10 albums, but these ones are the ones that I play over and over and never get tired of.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you discover some wonderful new music:)

Lifestyle Session: Reichen

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So today we had the most awesome session with Reichen! We’ve decided to add a new session to our portraits, the lifestyle session. We’ll be announcing all the details and pricing fairly soon, but here’s the basic idea behind these sessions… as you know if you regularly follow this blog, Josh takes A LOT of photos of our kids, some portrait style, but mostly just random shots of our kids doing what they do best, being kids. And honestly, some of my favorite pics of the kids are the photos of them doing everyday stuff. 
Well this got us to thinking, hey we can do this for other people too! Funny how it was such a revolutionary idea :). Anyhow, Reichen was our first subject (other than Max, Ava, and of course Zoey!) for the lifestyle session and we had so much fun with him! We spent a couple of hours hanging out with him and his mom. We arrived just in time to catch him waking up from his nap, then he had a bath, grabbed some lunch and just played.  It was absolutely impossible to narrow these photos down, so there are a ton!
If you’re interested in a lifestyle session for your kid (or kids), just drop us an email.  Look for more details coming in our January newsletter.
I know you’re tired of reading by now, so just enjoy the photos…

I love this shot of Reichen and his teddy fresh from their morning nap

The color scheme and details around the room are amazing! Here is one of my favorite frogs (he has tons in his room)


At first he was like, WHAT, but he warmed up to us pretty fast (actually, he warmed up to Jenny really fast:)

Ready for his bath


He was showing me where his ear is




I love the faces children make when they are eating









Lenses for Sale

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I have way too many lenses, and Jenny is making me get rid of some of them. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions about any of them.

Here they are, buyer pays shipping:

Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 – $1000
Lens was bought about 1 year ago, no physical damage at all, the the rubber grip used to zoom slips off, probably can be easily glued. Item includes front and back lens caps, lens hood, no box

Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 – $950
Lens was bought about 4 months ago, still in perfect condition, includes front and back lens caps, lens hood, no box

Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 – $225
I have had this lens for about 4 years now, stopped using it around 2 years ago, and decided to finally sell it. No physical damage, glass is nice as well, includes front and back lens caps, lens hood, no box

Nikon 24-120mm VR f3.5-5.6 – $200
My first wedding lens, it’s been dropped once along with my old D100. The only visible damage is a ding on the edge of the lens. You can see it a little bit in the pictures on the top left, and a crack in the plastic around the glass. The lens itself still takes great pictures with no focusing issues. Item includes front and back lens caps, lens hood, no box

Kate’s Bridal Session

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Location: Nelson Atkins Museum

Today we met up with Kate for her bridal session. Now, when you check out these photos below, you have to know that Kate made this dress in it’s entirety. I saw photos of the dress on her blog, but when I saw it in person when she was wearing it, I was even more amazed at her talents. This dress is awesome! So we had fun wandering around the Nelson grounds taking some fun shots and I’m sure Kate’s excited to see the finished product in photos, so here are a few of our favorites…. (For anyone who is wondering why we’re posting bridal portraits before the wedding, Kate said she’s not superstitious and she brought Rob along to help carry stuff :). All captions by Josh





This one’s for Kate’s Mom:)







Since Kate made the dress, I tried to get as many detail shots as possible. Isn’t it an awesome dress?


And the winner is…

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As promised, the winner of our drawing for a free brag book is…

Nicole Grice!

Thanks to everyone who played along and forwarded our newsletter on to your friends… we really appreciate it 🙂

Here are a few photos from the drawing…




Trashin’ Tara’s Dress! (It’s 2:00am and I can’t think of a better title)

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I’ve been waiting for a long time for tonight’s photo shoot. We finally got to do our second dress trashing, and this time it was with Tara & Ryan. We trekked on up to downtown Smithville, where we walked around town for a little while. Then we headed over to Smithville Lake for some rompin’ in the water. The water felt good since it was so freakin’ hot. We ended the night by stopping by an unfinished house in a new housing development where we found some interesting holes. Overall, it was a blast, and I want to thank Tara & Ryan for being so open to any of our crazy suggestions. I know Ryan had to be uncomfortable in his wet clothes, and Tara tired from lugging her wet dress! Once again, Drew & Selena came with us to capture it all on video. And once again, Jenny decided to keep something from the day’s shoot. Sorry Leslie, we will return your hairspray, and yes, Tara, we will return your sweet red shoes!

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorites!

I love how dirty their backs are!

Love the eyes!

Down in a Hole

Leslie’s Dress Trashing is DONE!!

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Leslie’s dress trashing pics are finally done and online. Also, Drew sent me a little, low-quality teaser video that I think is pretty neat. Once you get to the black part, it’s over (we are having technical difficulties, and video is not my cup of tea:) I look forward to Tuesday’s dress trashing with Tara & Ryan, and we’re excited to book some more.


I know you’ve all been waiting…

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Tonight we got to do our first dress trashing shoot ever… and as a lot of you know, we’ve been super excited about this for awhile now. So I want to say thank you to Leslie for being so cool and relaxed and up for anything. So Josh, Leslie, and I headed out with Drew & Selena from Van Horn Video for this awesome shoot. We started out downtown under the 12th Street bridge and then headed to the Crown Center fountain. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had and how freaking amazing Leslie looked. So here is a sneak peek for you Leslie (and all you other ladies out there who are secretly – or not so secretly – considering doing this)… P.S. Video coming soon…And Tara, you’re next!!