Engaged: Alyssa & Doug

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I don’t even know where to begin with these two. It was just a perfect session all around.

1. 2 people in love
2. a campfire
3. a cute doggie
4. lots of snuggling
5. some guitar playing
6. the woods. we saw a HUGE snake (actually, it was tiny, but every snake is HUGE to me)
7. matching tattoos
8. have I mentioned LOVE yet?

Hair/Makeup: Katie from Mink Artistry (she always does such a beautiful job)

Macy really didn’t like my camera very much…but I think she’s adorable 🙂

Love this one!

The only thing better than great light? 2 beautiful people in great light.

Loved the tattoos they got together.

Then it was campfire time.
and it kept getting darker and darker…

and more awesomer and awesomer (I don’t care if that’s a word or not, I like it)

My favorite.

Dancing by the fire is a great way to end any session.

Return of the Dinos!

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I ran into some dinosaurs sometime ago. I was scared!

Luckily, they left me alone and started terrorizing others…

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

Taylor & Mallory

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This is our third annual shoot with Taylor and Mallory. I know I say it alot, but I can’t believe how fast these little girls are growing up! It’s fun to go back and see how much they’ve changed. Here’s the blog post from last year, and the one from two years ago is here.

For this session, we met in Lawrence on the Kansas campus. It holds a lot of memories for mom & dad. They both went to school there, it’s where dad proposed to mom, plus it’s a fun place to shoot. And, when we heard they had KU cheerleading outfits for the girls…let’s just say, we smiled 🙂

Jenny’s favorite.

My favorite.

Another favorite. Can you tell we’ve been enjoying the grass shots lately?

working on her modeling portfolio 🙂

here’s where the proposal happened 🙂

KU cheerleading outfits + mommy & daddy’s textbooks = MAJOR CUTENESS

We will tramp, tramp, tramp around the columns
With a cheer for old Mizzou!

oh, wait, wrong cheer 🙂

Rock, Chalk Jayhawk!

Happy kiddos make me smile!

I just love these last 4 shots. They are so cute in their little cheer unis!

Audrey & Lily

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Wow. It’s hard to believe Audrey is almost four years old and we’ve been taking her pictures since she was three months old. And now her little sister Lily is 18 months! Time sure flies… We had a great time with these guys last week and here are some favorite photos from the session…

Married: Kim & Marc

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Hair/Makeup: CaraSue Hall
Flowers: Bella Design Studio
Ceremony: Leawood United Methodist Church
Reception: Ritz Charles
DJ: Marc O’Leary

Love, top hats, laughter, canes, tears of joy, crazy dancing, a firetruck, oh, and eye patches (even with all that, I’m sure I’m leaving something out). Our wedding on International Talk Like a Pirate Day had it all. Most importantly, though, Kim & Marc got married. And…they had TONS of fun doing it…classy pirates, anyone?

Marc & Kim’s fun loving, free spirit attitudes were on display all day.

I feel refreshed after looking at this picture.
The bridal party….RULED.

Marc had to defend his honor at one point…

then got smacked for fighting on his wedding day.

This picture cracks me up 🙂

So does this one. Footsies, anyone?

A huge thanks to the KCFD for letting us play on the firetruck!

The classiest pirates I’ve ever seen!

Bella Design Studio, as expected, did an awesome job on the flowers/details.

Pre-wedding warmup?



happily married!

I was always good at math, but these 2 equations stumped me.

Party time!!

Love it!

Congrats, you 2 little lovebirds!

Please Take Me Home: September 23

Today, I bring you a variety of cuties. We have dogs, cats, mice and even a sleeping ferret (the bunny didn’t make the cut). All these happy guys and gals are looking for a forever home. Enjoy, and as always, if you’re looking for a new furry companion, please head to Wayside Waifs.

This happy guy gets 2 pictures.

How can anyone look at this picture and not want this dog?

This little cutie’s vision is impaired, but that didn’t stop ’em from playing 🙂


A ferret!

Married: April & Joe

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Ceremony: Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish
Reception: Heritage Hall
DJ: Craig from Elite Sounds

Is there any better way to spend your life than with the one you love the most? I don’t think so, and neither do April & Joe. In fact, they have been together since 7th grade. Yep, you read that right, 7th grade (they even have Jenny & I beat by a couple of years). They were all smiles (HUGE smiles) on their wedding day, I can only imagine how happy they are going to be 5, 10, 20, 50 years down the road. Thanks for the reminder of how powerful love is, April & Joe, my love for Jenny is stronger because of both of you.

I saw this smile all day.
topeka wedding photographer-aj01
And this smile too 🙂

topeka wedding photographer-aj2

topeka wedding photographer-aj3
My mind is racing trying to figure out what was said to get both of these reactions at the same time 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj4
Father. Son.

topeka wedding photographer-aj5
topeka wedding photographer-aj6
topeka wedding photographer-aj7

topeka wedding photographer-aj8
A very exciting & touching first moment.

topeka wedding photographer-aj9

topeka wedding photographer-aj10
Note to self…if you can get the bridesmaids to shout penis really loud, the bride will laugh 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj11
You 2 and the love you have for each other is beautiful. These next 4 pictures prove it.

topeka wedding photographer-aj12
topeka wedding photographer-aj13
topeka wedding photographer-aj14
topeka wedding photographer-aj15

topeka wedding photographer-aj16
Grandma 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj17
Grandpa 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj18
Kids 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj19
Yep, I’m bout to get married.

topeka wedding photographer-aj20

topeka wedding photographer-aj21
Love this one.

topeka wedding photographer-aj22
topeka wedding photographer-aj23
topeka wedding photographer-aj24
topeka wedding photographer-aj25

topeka wedding photographer-aj26
Some might say this is cheesy, or stupid, and to those of you that say that, I say…you’re wrong. It’s funny 🙂
topeka wedding photographer-aj27
April’s sisters sang their own version of the Garth Brooks classic “I Got Friends in Low Places”. Wait, Jenny says it’s a classic, I say, do Garth Brooks and classic ever go together? That being said, their song was sweet, touching, and amazing.

topeka wedding photographer-aj28

topeka wedding photographer-aj29

topeka wedding photographer-aj30
topeka wedding photographer-aj31

topeka wedding photographer-aj32
How cute is this little girl? She was dancing her tai
l off all night!
topeka wedding photographer-aj33
It’s Dancey-dance time!

topeka wedding photographer-aj34
topeka wedding photographer-aj35
topeka wedding photographer-aj36
topeka wedding photographer-aj37
topeka wedding photographer-aj38
topeka wedding photographer-aj39
topeka wedding photographer-aj40
topeka wedding photographer-aj41

Conversations with my kids

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This is exactly what was said in the back seat of the van on the way home from pre-school today.

Max: “Daddy, when I get older, and Zoey gets older, I want to marry her.”
Ava: “Me too.”
Max: “No, Ava, I’m going to marry Zoey, you can marry Lia.”
Ava: “Yeah. I can marry Lia.”

And, here are a couple of shots of Max and Zoey taken yesterday morning. Aren’t they just so cute?

Engaged: Kristin & Shawn

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Sometimes love blossoms in unexpected places. For Kristin & Shawn, that place happened to be at H&R Bloch. So, what better place to shoot their session than H&R Bloch and the surrounding area 🙂

Kristin & Shawn have a wonderful relationship. In just the short time we spent together shooting their e-pics, I learned that they just love to have fun together, and that’s what life is all about, right? Their sense of humor (and they both have good ones) was on display all throughout the shoot, and that’s just the way I love it!

Kristin would go from this….

to this in a split second 🙂

My favorite (I think)

Get it, they are getting married on the 24th 🙂

Shawn LOVES to dance, and what better place to practice than a parking garage 🙂

Ok, this one’s tied for my favorite. There is just something mysterious about this image, but you sure can see how much Kristin loves Shawn just by looking at that smile.

Laci & Ryan: Engagement Portraits in New York City

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Laci & Ryan. Where do I begin? How about the beginning. During our consultation, we learned they met & fell in love while living in New York. We also learned that they had a bridal shower there the exact weekend we were shooting a wedding in the city. Coincidence? I think not.

During this session, we got a GREAT tour of the city, we hit up a few of their favorite spots and re-lived some of their greatest memories. Again, New York is straight up chaotic, but Jenny and I had so much fun hanging out in a place that means so much to them.

We started in Grand Central Station, or where they met for their first date.

Our 2nd stop happened to be the stoop where they first met. Laci was sitting on the stoop outside where she lived, Ryan walked by with a bunch of guys on a bachelor party. First they planned to have a bachelor party in Vegas organized by Crazy Horse 3, but it was a last minute change of plans. The rest is history.

Then we headed to Central Park. By the way, I love this shot of them under the bridge 🙂

They LOVE to dance 🙂

The sun poked out for a VERY brief second, so I grabbed these 🙂

Rockefeller Center. 70 stories up. These are some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken.

You can’t really tell how big Central Park is until you see it from above. Wow!

It wouldn’t be a NYC shoot without some subway shots, right?