T-Rex Cafe, Kansas City Zoo & Myspace

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Jenny and I made a list before the summer started about all of the different things we were going to do with Max and Ava this summer. It turns out that it is now the middle of July and we haven’t crossed anything off of that list yet. So, Friday night after I got off of work, we decided to take the children up to the T-Rex Cafe at the Legends Shopping Center. I heard it was like the Rainforest Cafe and Build-a-Bear all rolled into one, but centered around dinosaurs, which Max loves. So, here are a few pics from the T-Rex Cafe.

First, we have Max digging for dinosaur bones in the big sand pit.

Max decided to bury Ava!

After burying Ava, Max wanted to be buried, too.
Grabbing rocks with Grandma EE

Then we moved to the Build-a-Dino, and here we see Max picking out his dino…

Next, he picked out a heart…

And put the guts in it…

Then Max had to clean the dino.

It was late and this is the best one I got of him holding his dino (he named him Max, Jr.)

Since I didn’t get a good shot of Max and his finished dino, I took some more pics the next day. Max said his dino was hungry and wanted to eat the camera. Don’t worry, the camera made it out okay.

Max, Jr. really is a friendly dino.

Now that we crossed off one item off the list, we wanted to knock another one down. So, thanks to Kelly & David for not wanting us at their wedding bright and early, we had enough time to take Max & Ava to the Kansas City Zoo. A little backstory here about the first time we took Max to the zoo. As you all obviously know I’m a photographer, and I love to take pictures of my children. So, how does a photographer take his son to the zoo for the first time and tries to document it with a $10 disposable camera? I’ll tell you how, I forgot my camera! And disposable cameras suck!! So, I made sure I brought my good gear this time (it was Ava’s first trip to the zoo). Being a Friend of the Zoo helps out as well, because it allows you to see one part of the zoo before naptime, and go back whenever you want without paying each time. Here are a few pics.

Max’s first ride on a carousel

Ava didn’t really know what was going on, so she chilled in the stroller…

And snacked on Cheerios…

And got excited for the lions, or maybe just excited to hit the glass, we’ll never know.

Max was roaring like a lion at Ava…

And roaring on the train ride back to the car.

And he’s still got the dino.

If you’re still reading this after the 20 pics, and all my silly captions, please feel free to check out Josh Solar Photo on Myspace. If you have a Myspace, and would like
to add us as a friend, go ahead. We’ll be updating that page with current pics every so often. So that makes our website, our blog, and myspace all as places you can keep informed about Josh Solar Photo.

Leslie’s Dress Trashing is DONE!!

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Leslie’s dress trashing pics are finally done and online. Also, Drew sent me a little, low-quality teaser video that I think is pretty neat. Once you get to the black part, it’s over (we are having technical difficulties, and video is not my cup of tea:) I look forward to Tuesday’s dress trashing with Tara & Ryan, and we’re excited to book some more.


Three family shoots…

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We had the opportunity the past two days to shoot three different (and fun!) families. We were out at Loose Park yesterday and the Nelson today… here are a few shots from each…

I know you’ve all been waiting…

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Tonight we got to do our first dress trashing shoot ever… and as a lot of you know, we’ve been super excited about this for awhile now. So I want to say thank you to Leslie for being so cool and relaxed and up for anything. So Josh, Leslie, and I headed out with Drew & Selena from Van Horn Video for this awesome shoot. We started out downtown under the 12th Street bridge and then headed to the Crown Center fountain. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had and how freaking amazing Leslie looked. So here is a sneak peek for you Leslie (and all you other ladies out there who are secretly – or not so secretly – considering doing this)… P.S. Video coming soon…And Tara, you’re next!!

The Joys of Fatherhood

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I love being a dad. It’s amazing to me watching my two little ones grow up so fast and there’s so much going on in their lives that it seems like it’s flying right on by. They do cool things every single day and it’s impossible to remember them all. You can take all the pictures and movies you want, but you can’t catch everything. That’s why I try and find little moments that I can stash away forever. Moments that you can’t capture on film (or memory cards).

Tonight one of those “moments” happened and I’d like to share it with you all. Raymore is a wonderful place around the 4th of July. You get morons setting fireworks off at all hours, and it’s not even the 4th yet. Obviously, these people don’t have children. Anyway, Max is trying to fall asleep, but all of the fireworks are keeping him awake. Not only is the noise loud, but it’s scary to be 2 1/2 and hear all these fireworks going off at random times. So, really sweetly Max asks, “Will you hold me dadda?” How can I say no to that, so I lay down next to him. It’s just me, Max, and Mickey Mouse. Max is restless with all the noise, so I sing him a couple of songs. Then he asks me to “go up in the sky and punch the fireworks in the face (that’s what I tell him when there’s thunder, that I’m going to punch it in the face).” We’re laying there and the perfect song comes on. It’s Ben Harper and Jack Johnson singing “High Tide or Low Tide” originally sung by Bob Marley. Here are the lyrics:

In high seas or in low seas
I’m gonna be your friend,
I’m gonna be your friend.
In high tide or in low tide,
I’ll be by your side,
I’ll be by your side.

(I heard her praying, praying, praying)
I said, I heard my mother,
She was praying (praying, praying, praying)
And the words that she said (the words that she said),
They still linger in my head (lingers in my head),
She said, “A child is born in this world,
He needs protection,
God, guide and protect us,
When we’re wrong, please correct us.
(when we’re wrong, correct us).
And stand by me.” yeah!

In high seas or in low seas,
I’m gonna be your friend,
He said, “I’m gonna be your friend.”
And, baby, in high tide or low tide,
I’ll be by your side,
I’ll be by your side.

I siad I heard my mother,
She was crying’ (I heard her crying’), yeah! (crying’, crying’),
And the tears that she shed (the tears that she shed)
They still linger in my head (lingers in my head)

She said: “A child is born in this world,
He needs protection,
God, guide and protect us,
When we’re wrong, (when we’re wrong), correct us.

And in high seas or low seas,
I’m gonna be your friend,
I’m gonna be your friend.
Said, high tide or low tide,
I’ll be by your side,
I’ll be by your side.

Such a great song! I laid there for a few more minutes with him, then I really needed to get back to working on some wedding pics, so I started to get up to leave, and Max says really sweetly, “Please don’t go dadda. I need you.” So I wrapped my arm around him and rubbed his back gently. I’m actually falling asleep at this point when I feel a little hand reach over and start patting me on my shoulder (his tiny arms won’t reach my back) like I’m patting his back. I start rubbing his forehead gently with one of my fingers to get him to calm down and close his eyes like I used to do, and he starts playing with my stubble on my face (this is a sign that he’s close to being asleep). I pop over Mickey’s head and give him a kiss on the forehead and tell him how much I love him, and the next thing I know he’s out.

Anyway, the point of my story is that moments like that should never be forgotten. Times like these let me know that I’m doing something right because my child loves me so much, and I’m the one that gets to comfort my little man. In a few years, it’s going to be me trying to keep him away from the fireworks, but for now, it’s me holding him so he won’t be scared.

On a side note, I didn’t get many pictures edited, but that’s okay.

I would like to conclude with a picture of my two wonderful children that I took the other day.

Drew & Selena

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We got the chance to walk around the Jazz District and City Market with Drew & Selena the other night. They were a blast. I don’t think I got too many serious pics. We actually shot their wedding last August, so some of you might recognize them.

I would also like to let everyone know that Drew and Selena have started their own video company. Drew does weddings, music videos, short films, school plays, basically anything you would ever want recorded. You can check out some more about them here. It’s always fun when you meet quality vendors that you can recommend to other brides.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites.

This is one of my favorite pics ever! The light was perfect for the shadow.

Hey baby, what ya doin’ later?

And now for the jumping pics. Drew seemed to want to jump off of everything he possibly could. Man, he’s got some hops on him!

Kick-flip off the wall!

You just can’t stop him!

Selena even got in on the action.

Sick of it all, she finally just pushed him off.

Finger Painting Fun!!

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This evening, Jenny and I decided to put our old paper background to good use. We were just going to throw it away, but what fun would that be, right? So, Jenny dug out the hidden finger paints that Max got for Christmas and we let Max & Zoey have at it.

Thanks Zoey for diving right in while Max was nervous. Of course, Mommy made me give Max the bath afterwards, and fun times were had by all!

Sorry for so many pictures, but I couldn’t make up my mind which ones were my favorite.

Double High-Five!
Nervous Max
Starting to get the hang of it Max

Foot Painting!

Clap ’em together, what color does it make?

Now you got it, Max

Love this picture

Zoey’s Feet

Can’t wait to get into the bath Max

Belly Painting!

Up Close & Personal

How did you get it on your face?


How does it taste?

Look What Happens…

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Here’s what happens when Mommy isn’t home. Max decided that he wanted to play in the rain and who was I to tell him that he can’t, right? So, anyway, enjoy these fun snapshots of my children. By the way, what do you guys think about our new logo?

Jennie & Jay's Wedding

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So yesterday Jennie & Jay got married! And it rained all day (I think it might have finally stopped raining by the time we got to the reception). It was great though, because Jennie & Jay didn’t let the rain ruin their day or their spirits. We had an awesome time with them! I imagine it would be a pretty funny sight to see… I don’t have any pictures, so you have to bear with me here… okay, so it’s pouring rain, Jennie & Jay are outside in the rain with an umbrella… Josh and I are following them around… he’s got a camera in his hand shooting and I’m following him around holding an umbrella over him so the camera won’t get wet! We even stopped at a little park on the way to the reception and the limo driver held the umbrella for Jennie & Jay… you gotta love this Midwest weather :). So anyway, they also had the CRAZIEST reception I think I’ve ever been to… seriously, my legs are sore today from squatting down so much taking pictures of everyone dancing… I was standing on tables, laying on the ground… it was crazy… but so much fun! So here are some pictures (it was very hard to narrow it down to even this many… you will definitely want to check our proofing website in a few weeks to see these photos!)…

Look at their faces!

Seriously, how cool is this cake?

So I find myself saying this alot, but it’s a small world… you may recognize these guys from our blog… we shot James & Brianah’s wedding in May… it’s so fun to see people we know at other weddings!

Betsy & Jake's Engagement Pics

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Sunday, we headed out to Loose Park with Betsy and Jake to do their engagement pictures. I thought it was hot on Saturday, but it was REALLY hot on Sunday! I guess this is what we are going to be up against all summer… Anyway, we had a lot of fun with Betsy and Jake… they have so much energy and passion for each other… we’re really looking forward to their New Year’s Eve wedding! Here are a few pics… (I think we got 1 or 2 serious ones 🙂

Okay, so here’s the nice one first…

This is one of my favorite pics we’ve done recently

I was seriously was about to get in the fountain with them, they were having so much fun