Rain, Rain, Rain…

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So, today we FINALLY got to do our shoot with Jenna & Noah, some of our favorite little kids (of course, we have lots of favorites!). Four rainy days, a busted lip, chicken pox, and two months later, here we are today. I kid you not, we were on our way to the park, and suddenly it just starts pouring rain! So, we just gave up and decided to head to Union Station and we had a lot of fun! Here are a few pics from today… Noah is growing up so fast and Jenna is just as sweet as she looks 🙂

Josh's Random Blog

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My son, Max, loves, loves, loves music. He’s always asking to listen to my iPod. He’s got a great taste in music, too! This evening he happened to be chillin’ out to some Ben Harper. Some other of his favorites include Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, and John Mayer (specifically the “Cars song”).

In conclusion, I thought I’d share a collage I made of Ava, because she’s so darn cute!

Amber & Tyler's Wedding

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Friday, we were out at the Hawthorne House in Parkville for Amber & Tyler’s wedding. Funny how we’ve never been there before, but we’re shooting another wedding there next weekend :). Anyway, we had a lot of fun with Amber and Tyler. They are both so sweet and funny, and so happy together. Here are some pics from the day…

Tyler trying to get Amber to smile 🙂

The adorable ring bearer (Tyler’s nephew). He REALLY wanted some cake!

Rachel & Tommy's Engagement Pics

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Rachel and Tommy were a lot of fun to shoot today… and we’ll be seeing them again in a few weeks for their wedding! Here are some of my favorite ones from our session at Loose Park…

Shooting from the Hip!

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Okay, okay, so maybe blogging isn’t so bad after all. I’m still not as excited as Jenny is, but I will write one from time to time.

So my buddy, Drew, came over last Friday night for taco night (with his MacBook, I might add) to show me a wedding video he’s been editing lately. He’s new to the wedding business, and does wonderful work, by the way. Anyway, as I was watching his video, I kept seeing the photographer pop up here and there. As a photographer, it’s only natural for me to watch other photographers work. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two, you never know. When we got to some video of the bridal party pics, I saw the photographer circle around the bride and groom snapping photos left and right. As a wedding photographer, that’s a good thing, it’s our job to take great pictures of the bride and groom. The only problem was that he was not looking through the viewfinder at all! He was holding the camera down by his hip and clicking away! As Drew and I had a chuckle over this style (is this even a style?) I thought to myself, what can I learn from this photographer. I didn’t know it would hit me so soon, but this evening, Max was out playing with his best friend, Zoey (the girl next door), and I decided to try out this new style. Here’s what I got:

Max & Zoey From the Hip!

And another one:

Zoey From the Hip!

So, I’m pretty happy with the results! Zoey’s mom and dad had a good chuckle at my expense, but later thanked me for wearing their child out. I actually had a ton of fun chasing Max and Zoey around!

So, if you are interested in any pictures taken on your wedding day where I am running around like a freakin’ madman and snapping photos without using the viewfinder let me know.


Wow… what a day!

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Yeah, so today was a crazy busy day! We had four engagement sessions today. I got a nice tan, and well, Josh just got sunburned (even though I put sunscreen on him 3 times!). So we had a ton of fun today with some great couples that I’ll introduce you to here in a minute. But first, I want to set the record straight about this blogging thing. When I told Josh he could write the blog today, I meant he could write about our photo shoots today, NOT about getting an iMac! But, I guess I should’ve seen it coming seeing as how he mentions getting an iMac about a hundred times a day… on a side note, I am pretty good at the mean mommy look, huh? Anyhow, down to business…
Meet Lesley & Taylor. We’re going to shoot their wedding this fall and today we did their engagement portraits. They were really a lot of fun to work with and really set a good tone for our whole day. They were open to all of our suggestions (yes, I really think you should pick her up and spin really fast!) and they had a lot of cool ideas of their own. Here are a few of my favorites…

Next up are Sara & Greg. They were really good sports about getting their pics done in the middle of the day. It wasn’t really hot today, but it was hot enough. We even got ice cream at Cold Stone and I talked them into human tug of war (okay, so that was Josh’s idea, but I’m still mad about the iMac blogJ). Here are some of my faves….

We also spent time with Tina & Bryan today. We had a lot of fun with them at a little playground right by the Nelson art gallery. Bryan makes a good ‘knight in shining armor’, doesn’t he? We recreated a scene from Titanic too, but you’ll have to wait to see those pics until I post them online! Here are some of my favorites from their shoot…

Last but not least, were Layna & Joel. They were so much fun and so outgoing. And I feel like I owe Layna a public apology… Layna, I’m so sorry that your dress got ripped and your bracelet broke! But, we had fun, right? Layna was such a good sport about her ripped dress and broken bracelet, and all the grass stains she got from rolling in the grass! Here are some I love…

Hope you enjoyed these pics. Check our proofing site in the next week or so to see more!

Josh's Blog

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Okay…So I don’t really like this whole blogging thing, and I kind of keep making fun of Jenny for being so T-R-E-N-D-Y, trendy! But, last night, I thought to myself that blogging might be good for some things. For example, I want an iMac, and this is what Jenny says:

If you are look closely at her face, that’s the mean mother face right there. Jenny has that one down. So, what I would like to ask anyone who reads this, especially if you own a Mac, to help me convince Jenny as to all the great things about them. It will make our job so much easier to do, I know this, but she doesn’t understand. Keep in mind that if it makes my job easier, your pictures will look better and you will get the finished product even quicker! How great is that! So post comments, pictures of you at your Mac, anything to help me get one!Thanks for all your support:)


Coming soon…

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So Josh keeps making fun of me for this new blog, so tomorrow he gets to write the blog…

Jessica & Justin's Wedding

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Today we photographed Jessica & Justin’s wedding. Despite a hectic start to the day, we had a great time. In between the ceremony and the reception, we headed out to Union Station for some fun pics of the bridal party. I even talked the girls into getting in the fountain! The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was great, and the reception was a lot of fun… all in all a great day. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day…

A sweet altar shot


A cool lensbaby shot (this is Josh’s favorite lens!)

Silhouette at Union Station

Jessica & Justin at sunset

The clock shot at Union Station

The bridal party by the fountain

And the girls in the fountain!

Brianah & James' Wedding

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So, yesterday we got to hang out with Brianah and James and shoot their wedding. They got their wedding ceremony in atlanta ga.  Let me tell you this place was way out in the middle of nowhere. Josh and I were driving on gravel roads forever, and we kept wondering, ‘are we going the right way?’ But, I must say, it was an amazing location! Bri and James got married outside on the property with some portable stages and then had their reception in a really cool barn. Anyway, it’s always fun shooting a wedding when you can tell that the couple is so much in love… and they were. I don’t think Bri stopped smiling once and it was so sweet to see them both tear up during their vows. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite pics from the day…

Brianah & James after the ceremony

A cool shot on the porch

One of my fave ring pics ever!

This is Brianah’s adorable niece (also the flower girl)

The ever popular bridal party jumping pic

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Fun on the wooden swing

A cool scenery shot… I love the road (and you can’t see them but there were cows in the pasture too!)