Baby David

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Last night, we had the opportunity to shoot our brand new nephew (11 days old to be exact!). He is so sweet and cute. Our niece Emily also came over and we got a few shots of her running around and playing with her cousin Max. I will definitely say it was crazy around our house last night with 4 little ones running around (well, 2 running around and 2 just hanging out)!

Isn’t he sweet?

He slept the whole time!

My favorite niece! (She’s also my only niece 🙂

Emily and Cousin Max

Jenny’s Bat Mitzvah

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Saturday night we headed out to the Hyatt Regency downtown for Jenny’s Bat Mitzvah party. What a blast! We did her older brother Matt’s Bar Mitzvah last year and had a lot of fun, so we were really excited to have the opportunity to do Jenny’s this year. These events are crazy… a huge group of 12 and 13 year olds partying all night! And we were excited to run into the catering coordinator there, Sarah, who we went to high school with. Kansas City is such a small city:).

Meredith & Josh's Wedding

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Friday we had the opportunity to photograph Meredith and Josh on their wedding day. The ceremony and reception took place at the Clubhouse on Baltimore, which is a beautiful location. Meredith and Josh were a lot of fun to work with and Meredith looked absolutely stunning!

Meredith & Josh

Fisheye is my new favorite lens!

A fun bridal party picture

The cake – fisheye from the top!

They were great dancers, but I was secretly worried about the cake the whole time. (See it in the background?)

Hi & welcome to our new blog!

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Well, I guess we are finally going to join the growing trend and start blogging! I’m really excited about it and Josh is (slowly) coming around. Thanks for stopping by!