The Crawford Family

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It’s great to watch your friends grow into loving fathers & husbands. Makes my heart happy.

The Ravenkamp Family

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California Citrus State Park makes for a great setting for some family fun. Palm trees! Oranges! Awesome Cali light. Add in some great folks & it’s all good.

Married: Chelsea + Michael

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This is the 3rd year in a row we’ve celebrated New Years Eve with wonderful people getting married. Here’s a tiny glimpse into the glorious love that is Chelsea, Michael & their wonderful family & friends…

The Kinney Family

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I’ve know Jeff since I was 10 years old. I remember playing basketball with him in 6th grade. We were the scrawniest kids on an amazing team. So coach would just let Jeff + I sit back at our own end of the court and let the other team play 5 on 3. Inevitably, our dudes would steal the ball and throw it to Jeff or I to brick a layup (sometimes we made them). Either way, we go way back. Jenny + I shot their super awesome wedding a few years ago. And I was super thrilled to get a message a few months ago from Jess letting me know they were expecting. I always love to see madly in love people having babies. Because just like on their wedding day, the joy is contagious and can be felt right away…

The Millard Family

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Jenny + I have known these lovely folks back before we were even married. They’ve stuck with us through hard times & have been here for us since I can remember. They’re the friends you go get espinacha at Jose Peppers with when you need someone to sit & listen to you. They’re the ones who show up unannounced just because they know you could use a friend & they even bring chocolate. Having friends like this in your life is what makes life worth living…

The Huffman Family

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These two and their amazing kids. Both of them are such wonderful teachers in the area and I’m so thrilled our kids have had the pleasure of learning from such trailblazing people. Max was learning about mindfulness in 2nd grade years before it was cool to teach 2nd graders mindfulness. Now it’s my pleasure to be able to capture some fun images of the love they share with each other…

The Frye Family

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I really don’t know where to start with these pictures. I’ve known Matt for years. He’s become one of my closest friends. The way he lives his life. The values he’s instilling in his kids. The continuous growth he’s shown as a human being fighting for a world filled with love. The way his family fully embraces the wild things lifestyle & finds solace in nature together as a family.

The Hemphill Family

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It’s amazing to me how friendships are formed. Because I’m so thankful that Megan contacted me about shooting her family photos a few years ago. As time has passed I’ve watch Megan grow into her own in photography, and even building a place where amazing things happen in the Firebrand Collective. It brings me such joy to be able to not only capture time for fellow photographers, but to also build friendships that lead to supportive/encouraging/love-filled interactions. Megan, thank you for reaching out to me years ago. My life is forever better with you & your wonderful family in it. kansas city family photographers kansas city family photography lifestyle family photography in kansas city kansas city family photographers

The Sykes Family

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This is my 4th session with these amazing folks. You can just see the love they have for one another in their smiles/interactions. PS. More women should wear awesome hats for their photo sessions. I thought it was such a lovely styled touch to the pictures.

Also, we shot a sunrise session because the kids had school, and I realized afterwards how I’d shoot every session at sunrise if I could.

The Weston Family

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The Weston Family is the first of 3 families with newborn’s that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. And babies are the best, really. You get to see the joy + excitement from mom + dad, as well as the brothers + sisters interacting and falling in love with their new little brother or sister. It just warms my heart right up. Now enjoy this session of a lovely family I shot in downtown Kansas City. In the pre-digital days, it had been a frightening task to undertake a photography assignment. The restrictions of film camera equipment, heavy lenses and therefore the incontrovertible fact that there was no room for error, led only the professional photographers doing most of the roles. And it wasn’t like the photographers could edit and enhance the photos by using Luminar, back in those days. With advent of photography, the dynamics of the whole commercial photography underwent a paradigm shift. Paper Crane Creative is the top production companies in Vancouver. The entire lineage of old studios with dark rooms, chemicals and staff were replaced with the digital darkroom editing software like Adobe Photo Shop, Apple Aperture etc. While these two remain the foremost popular editing software, there are plethora of free editing software available that a lot of of the amateurs like better to use thanks to the daunting costs of economic editing software and adaptability to experiment also as learn with minimum / least cost. A billboard photographer today is provided with: camera typically above 18 Mega Pixels, a fanatical external strobe flash, light weight tripod, memory cards and sometime external flood lights. the foremost expensive set of kit is usually not the camera, but the lenses required to hide an occasion or complete commercial assignments that need a good range of subjects to be covered. The simplest example being, the economic photography assignments during which the photographer is predicted to capture the top-management photo-shoots also because the industrial processes which can involve the making of parts, melting of steel, foundry photography, manufacturing, assembly lines etc.

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