Brianah & James' Wedding

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So, yesterday we got to hang out with Brianah and James and shoot their wedding. They got their wedding ceremony in atlanta ga.  Let me tell you this place was way out in the middle of nowhere. Josh and I were driving on gravel roads forever, and we kept wondering, ‘are we going the right way?’ But, I must say, it was an amazing location! Bri and James got married outside on the property with some portable stages and then had their reception in a really cool barn. Anyway, it’s always fun shooting a wedding when you can tell that the couple is so much in love… and they were. I don’t think Bri stopped smiling once and it was so sweet to see them both tear up during their vows. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite pics from the day…

Brianah & James after the ceremony

A cool shot on the porch

One of my fave ring pics ever!

This is Brianah’s adorable niece (also the flower girl)

The ever popular bridal party jumping pic

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Fun on the wooden swing

A cool scenery shot… I love the road (and you can’t see them but there were cows in the pasture too!)

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