Aaron & Katie

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This evening I did a quick shoot with Aaron & Katie, some of my favorite peeps in the whole world. I’ve known Aaron for about 8 years now, and Katie almost that long. I still remember when Aaron was 13 or so and he was telling me about this girl he liked, but he was too shy to tell her. Well, it turns out, that girl was Katie, he did finally tell her, and they’ve now been married for almost 2 years. How cool is that? Anyway, here are some of my favs from this evening…

Look how sweet they are together!

Sexy, sexy 🙂

I love this one A LOT!

Engaged: Nicole & Jason

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I was a little nervous that the rain would push back my shoot with Nicole & Jason, but it held off just long enough so we could go out and have some fun. You’ll see some baseball mits, a cute (crazy) doggie named Buffy, and lots of smiling faces…

You can’t tell in this pic, but Buffy is CRAZY (but very cute and sweet)!

So sweet!

This is my favorite, because Jason is so tall 🙂

Buffy wanted in on some more pics!

I love this one too. It’s almost like I just stumbled on a couple sharing a moment in the woods.

Engaged: Amanda & Bob

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It’s a hot, hot, hot one here in Kansas City so I met up with Amanda & Bob bright and early this morning for their engagement shoot downtown. They are getting married at Powell Gardens, so we went with a more urban look for their e-pics. I also have to say that Bob is a character, and it made these pics quite fun! I can’t wait until their wedding next month (hopefully it will be cooler:)

I love when my clients’ come up with their own ideas for shots:)

Engaged: Julie & Matt

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We first met Julie & Matt at Sarah & David’s wedding last September, so we were excited when Julie contacted us about shooting her wedding this October. I got even more excited when she mentioned she wanted us to do their engagement pictures on her parents’ farm out in Wellsville, Kansas. Have I mentioned before that I have a lot of fun shooting engagement pictures at places that mean something to my couples? Listening to Matt talk about how he got the rental car stuck in the field, and Julie talk about the barn that wouldn’t be standing without her father putting in the big steel beams to keep it up makes me really happy that I can capture some pictures of them in a place that they have so many great memories:)

The roof isn’t finished on one side of the barn yet, so it let in some golden light:) Plus, I love Julie’s expression

I love this one, they are just relaxing out on the farm:)

Here’s the barn that wouldn’t be standing if it wasn’t for her dad. It makes for a wonderful backdrop!

I love the look on Julie’s face in this shot, you can see the love in her eyes

Who doesn’t like to go for a spin?

Sometimes the wind blows hair in your eyes and it makes for a lovely picture:)

Julie asked me to snap a few pictures of the land for her and her parents, and these are a couple that I really liked.

Engaged: Leah & Ryan

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Well, after our wonderful 80 degree weather for Ben & Beth’s wedding on Saturday, we had the hottest day of the year for our engagement pictures with Leah & Ryan on Sunday. I love Missouri weather:) Anyway, Ryan proposed to Leah on the Plaza, so we headed down there for their engagement pics. And, even though it was hot, and we were drenched in sweat, they were troopers and we got some awesome shots!

Images like this are the reason I love my job so much. (side note – thanks to my buddy Mariano Friginal for giving me some post processing tips:)

This is where Ryan proposed to Leah, so sweet:)

If you can find a better way to cool off than Cold Stone ice cream, I’d like to hear it.

A little ice cream smashing (I think they were practicing their cake smashing skills, but what do I know:)

And, finally, a shot Jenny got of me in action. I always tell people I like to be in your personal space while shooting, and this shot proves it:) I’d also like to add that we are all hot & sweaty, but we’re still all smiling:) Man, I love my job!

Engaged: Emily & Scot

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I love doing engagement sessions in places where they mean something to the couple. Emily says all of their favorite memories happened in Lawrence, so, of course, we had to do the session in Lawrence. Emily & Scot have been together since they met in high school, and it shows! They are the sweetest couple, and never stopped smiling the whole session. I can’t wait for their August 2nd wedding, because not only is Heather shooting with me, but we’re gonna have a ton of fun!

They are so sweet together!Look at the love in Emily’s eyes!

One of my favorites

If you ever meet Scot, ask how you get free bagels from Einstein Bros:)

How about some Magnum?

Which leads to expressions like this:)

Can you say favorite?

We even found time to play in the park

Then they shared some pizza from their favorite pizza parlor, Papa Keno’s Pizzeria, which they claimed is the best pizza ever.

Sorry, Emily, I had to post this, because I love it so much:)

Finally, we ended the session on Scot’s porch, how sweet:)

See you guys in about a month. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Engaged: Jenna & James

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As a wedding/portrait photographer, nothing gets me going like two people madly in love with each other. Jenna & James happened to be the “madly in love” people this evening. Jenny and I had so much fun hanging out with them this evening.

Everything was perfect. We had great light, great location, and a great couple. Before the shoot, James confessed that he’s never had his picture taken like this before, and after it’s all said and done, I still don’t believe him. They both did awesome, and now, enjoy some pics!

Aren’t they sooooo cute?

Jenny’s been getting some awesome stuff lately


I told you we had some awesome light!

One of my favs

I told you Jenny was on it tonight!



I love it when I can say, Jenny, make ’em laugh, and they laugh without her doing anything. You guys were too easy!

Look how happy they are together:)

I normally don’t shoot a lot in direct sunlight, but I’m trying new things this year, and this shot looks awesome


I have absolutely no idea what Jenna was whispering to James, but I bet it was good!

My favorite from the evening. I have had a shot like this in my head for quite some time, but have never found the right combo of lighting/location. On the way out, we had to pull over, and I’m glad we did.

Keep on smiling Jenna & James, keep that love alive. You guys rock!

Engaged: Beth & Ben

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These pictures have been a long, long time in the making. I think we’ve had to re-schedule Ben & Beth’s e-pics at least 3 times now, and they don’t live in Kansas City, so we decided to meet in the middle, in Topeka! We met in Gage Park, and shooting in new locations is always fun for me, especially when I haven’t had a chance to scout it out at all. It really gets the juices going up in my noggin:)

Anyway, I think we all had some fun playing around for a while. E-sessions like these are a lot of fun for me because you can really tell how much they love each other. Beth just loved kissing Ben, and it made my job really, really easy:)

Beth loved the tulips, so we had some fun with them



Ohhh, I love this one

Found some flare:)

My favorite of the day

Yeah, I climbed a tree for this one

I told you she loved kissing him


See you guys in July!

Engaged: Carey & Austin

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Location: City Market

Our second session today was with Carey and Austin. They wanted something kind of urban, so we headed out to City Market, equipped with a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and their adorable dog, Otis. We had a great time with these guys, who are naturals in front of the camera and we’re really looking forward to their November wedding. Here’s a sneak preview…

What a lovely family


Here’s Otis begging for a treat:)

Go, Jenny, go. I love this shot Jenny snagged.


I shot a wedding with the always amazing Kelley yesterday, and learned how to do stuff like this shot below. Thanks for the inspiration Kelley:)





Engaged: Dina & Brenden

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Location: Kansas City Zoo

Today was one of those days when it didn’t look like anything was going to go right. We rescheduled our morning session due to all the rain last night. We almost rescheduled our afternoon session, but decided to do it anyway at the last minute. So we headed out to the KC Zoo to meet up with Dina and Brenden, and their two adorable boys, Rocco and Nino. Apparently the zoo closes at 4 p.m. during the off-season (which apparently includes April), but we snuck in with about 5 minutes to spare. Since they were technically closed, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves, although most of the animals were already ‘put away’. Anyhow, despite everything, we had a great time today and we’re looking forward to their July wedding. Here’s a sneak peek…


How sexy is this shot? Dina has “The Look”


I love the purple flowers all around them


I love this family shot!

And this one, too.

Here’s Rocco!

And, here’s Nino!

Finally, Rocco enjoyed feeding the sheep for a few minutes

We had fun with you guys, and I can’t wait until your wedding this July!