Engaged: Hunter + Madie

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In our initial meeting, I asked them to tell me their story. So much of their love story takes place at Prairie Star Ranch, so that’s where we headed last Saturday for their engagement pictures. We hiked to the train tunnel, crossed a rope bridge and caught a sunset by the horses… Kansas City engagement photography Kansas City portrait photographers.

Allison + Clay

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When we scheduled this session a few weeks ago, never could Allison, Clay or I have guessed we’d be treated to a sunny 55 degree day in Kansas City on January 16. But, that’s what we got. Allison got the best of both worlds when she got to wear a summer dress and we caught one of the last days of the plaza lights (her favorite). I say it’s a win because her and Clay are super stinkin’ cute together.

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Casey + John

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Spring has sprung, but I’m just getting around to sharing these beautiful wintery engagement photos 🙂

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Jess + Jeff

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I love when I show up at sessions and the first thing I hear is, “We’re so awkward in front of the camera.”

I take it as a personal challenge to show them what they might think is awkward is actually love. Belly laughs, crinkly noses, hand holding, inappropriate Cards Against Humanity jokes. All real love. Jess + Jeff are awesome.

Side note: I’ve known Jeff since 3rd grade. Crazy, right? It makes me happy to see him with such a lovely lady to spend his life with.

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Jennie + Adam

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Sometimes, I get the chance to photograph two people that are so in love that I’m reminded of WHY I do this in the first place.

It’s refreshing to see a couple who just GET IT.

Jennie + Adam are going to change the world with their love story, I fully believe it. You can see it in how they interact, you hear it in their laughter, and some of the conversations we had over the course of an hour and a half are words I’ll never forget.

I’m so grateful that I had the chance to spend some time with them and be able to walk away wanting to love the people in my life even more…and then to be able to share some images of how their love looks to the rest of us…and they’ll have those doorways back to this season of their life, forever.

Photography matters. Documenting love matters.

Donna + Jason

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I just love fall in the midwest. But one thing I love more than fall in the midwest is photographing awesome people doing fall things in the midwest.

Donna, Jason and I headed to a sweet pumpkin patch outside of Lawrence and had a grand time.

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Lauren + Nick

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Lauren + Nick. Their pup, Jet. Golden light. I live for these moments.

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Gena + Jeremy

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Gena + Jeremy have been together FOREVER. They’ve lived a LOT of life in their short years. They rule at life.

We shot these in Topeka at Ward Meade Park. I’ve yet to have anything but a blast taking pictures in Topeka.

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Anne + Taylor

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How cute are Anne, Taylor and their pit-bull pup, Charlotte?

We slogged through all sorts of mud for these images, and we laughed a lot…

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Carolyn + David

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Carolyn + David. KU fanatics through and through.

I met David at Liz + Steven’s awesome wedding in 2011, so I was stoked to be able to document his love with Carolyn.

They have a great sense of style (check out Carolyn’s sweet nail polish blog)!

They love ice cream (yay!), good music (double yay!), Jeep Wranglers (I miss mine), and loving each other well (triple yay!)

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