Stacy + Josh

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I couldn’t be more thrilled that Stacy + Josh found us to document their love.

Two kind, dog-loving, good music listening, adventurous souls…

The kind of people who’ve never had a trampoline…so they bought a trampoline…

My kind of people.

Note: the water was ridiculously cold…especially waist deep.

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Liz + Clay

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Fall and love go hand in hand in Kansas City. I LOVE getting out and capturing the love of two people in the beauty that is fall in Kansas City. Throw in a dog for some shots? I’m TOTALLY in! Aren’t Liz + Clay super sweet together? Can’t wait until their wedding next year…

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“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”
Martin Buber

There are people that God puts into your life for some reason or another…

You never know how much time you’ll get with them, and you might not know the impact of your interactions until a later date.

Photographing Teresa was special. She’s an example that no matter what life throws your way, you can arise strong, happy, and ready to take it all on with a smile.

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I’ll never forget the conversations we shared. I drove home that evening KNOWING I got to truly see the beauty that lies inside Teresa. One of those sessions that reminds me WHY I do what I do. That everyone is beautiful when you take the time to know them…I mean REALLY know them. And that red hair, Teresa, you’re awesome…

Teresa, thank you…

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Lindsey + Angelo: Round 2

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You might remember Lindsey + Angelo from their session I shot in Lawrence in April. Well, turns out, they’re just as awesome in Las Vegas, they are super cool, they both enjoy gambling with Slots Mummy and I think it is cute that they both share a hobby. They also don’t live in separate time zones anymore, so that’s pretty sweet too! All of these images were shot on location at Angelo’s childhood home. I really loved the building made of wine bottles…and the donkey, of course!

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Combined some lovely invitations with triple exposures today while hanging with my new friend Lauren. Stories and connections. Finding that beauty in the midst of chaos. What life’s all about…

Wonder from blowing bubbles…
Joys of swimming in the ocean…
Laughter shared with friends…

I’m in Maine this week for a much needed creative retreat…a break from it all. I’ll be back soon with some lovely new images and a refreshed look on life.

Get ready world…I’m coming for ya!
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Brian + Jackie

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These two are getting married next year. I’ve only known Brian since I was 4 years old. It’s so awesome to see my friends so happily in love. It’s also fun to shoot in the southern California sun…

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Jim + Ravyn

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Portland. Jim + Ravyn spent yesterday being gracious hosts. I spent 5 minutes photoing them.

Fun couple portraits in Portland.

Sydnee + Daniel

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I’m not a wordsmith so I’ll let their smiles do all the talking…

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Shynda + Jonathan

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Last year we captured their beautiful wedding. This year, they came back for more…

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Bailee + Nathan

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This is what Bailee + Nathan look like in love.

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