Mark + Elisabet

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The ticks were fighting hard…but love prevailed.

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Lindsey + Angelo

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Lindsey + Angelo share a beautiful connection. One of those couples that is currently living in separate time zones that cherishes every single second they get to spend with each other. It shows in their laughter. It shows in their smiles. It shows in their eyes (don’t believe me, check out how Lindsey is looking at Angelo in that last picture). Lindsey + Angelo are further proof that love wins. Every single time…

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JD + Sora

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JD + Sora love each other lots. These pictures prove it.

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A Love Manifesto

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This Love Manifesto is brought to you by Judy Clement Wall, a fabulous writer who explores loving fearlessly through here A Human Thing blog. I suggest you head over there for some lovely love inspiration. This manifesto has had quite the impact on me, how I live my life, and how I love the people in my life. Enjoy…

Choose love.

In your relationships,
in the art you create,
the words you let loose,
the causes you take up,
be an example of what it looks like to love fearlessly
(which is not about being fearless, but about loving through the fear).

In the gigantic, messy spectrum of human experience,
ugliness is as easy to find as beauty;
rudeness and intolerance as prevalent as compassion and generosity.

Right now. Today. Every day,
you choose which way to tip the scale.

The truth is, love is untidy.
It’s unpredictable.
It’s often inconvenient and occasionally terrifying.
And yet there is nothing more worth having,
nothing more valuable to give.
Love doesn’t happen to us,
it happens because of us.
It happens when we are magnificent and badass enough to make it happen.
In a world of cynics,
where snark and sarcasm hold sway over heart and soul,
choosing love takes courage.
It takes stamina.
It takes us –

open-hearted love warriors –

believing we can change the world…
one heart at a time.

Karolina + Jamie (below) sure do love each other fearlessly. Are you loving fearlessly in your life?

Couple in love out in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas Nevada.

90 Seconds with Lorenzo + Kathleen

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After I finished up their family portraits (coming soon), I took about a minute and a half with the happy couple alone.

It’s amazing the joy one can capture in just 90 seconds, right?

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Jana + Phillip

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My dear friends Jana + Phillip. They’re solid gold.

Lynsay + Stephan

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Lynsay has been one of our awesome interns this year. As hard as she’s worked for us, it was our pleasure to get her on the other side of our cameras with her husband and two adorable dogs, Lacie + Chewie. Aren’t they one adorable family?!? Kansas City dog photographer.Kansas City portrait photographer.Kansas City couple portraits.Kansas City beloved photographer.Fall beloved portraits in Kansas City.

Megan + Kevin

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Meet Megan + Kevin. Not only are they a ridiculously cute couple…high school sweethearts I might add. But they are also ridiculously awesome soccer coaches (Lia + Ava will agree) as well as super sweet dog lovers (Finley + Denali will agree).  They also have a nice message for all those Mizzou fans out there…

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Emily + Greg

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Emily + Greg take fun to a whole new level.

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Ellen + Dave

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No cheese heads were harmed in the making of these photos.

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