Rachel + Nick

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Music, juggling, dancing. Rachel + Nick are flat out awesome. The pictures prove it…

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Anna + Sam

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They love all things KU, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lawrence & the Wheel.

Most importantly they love each other.

Engagement pictures at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas.Fun engagement photos on KU campus in Lawrence.Kansas City beloved photography.Engagement pictures at the Wheel in Lawrence.


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Right now, Hannah is in Kansas City. Soon, though, she’ll be traveling the world and writing about it. Ireland awaits you, Hannah!

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The Traylor Sisters

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I can only hope that Max, Ava & Lia are this close when they get older. These girls were all smiles as we chatted about life growing up, traveling & staying close through the years. Lots of laughter was had by all…

Fun pictures of sisters in Kansas City.

Sharman + Andrew

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They met in med school and fell in love.  Luck brought them together in Kansas City.  Next year, they will be married.

Aren’t they adorable?

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The One Where I Ramble About Love…

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Been thinking a lot about love lately.  About the gravity of what we have when we’re “in love.” And how that plays into what Jenny + I do as Solar Photographers.

Our goal is to capture images with meaning.  To give the people that step in front of our camera a safe space to connect.  To laugh together.  To not worry about anything but loving on each other.  To deliver images that touch your hearts because they are so YOU.  A space where you’re free to just be.

I choose to spend my days with Jenny, and she chooses time with me.  That’s pretty flippin’ cool, right?  There’s almost 6.775 billion people in the world today (source: World Bank)…and Jenny + I chose each other.  How often does the significance of that get lost in the day to day sleepwalking of life?  Isn’t that a problem? Think about that for a second.  Of the 6.775 BILLION people that are out there…WE CHOSE EACH OTHER.  Don’t get me wrong.  Life is hard.  Everyone knows that.  Living for someone else isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But, I know without a doubt there is no other person on this earth that I want to walk through life with.

LOVE IS A BIG DEAL.  It deserves to be celebrated.  You deserve to be celebrated.  You deserve happiness.  You deserve a wonderful life. You deserve to be chosen…and, chances are, you probably already have been.

One last thought…we aren’t guaranteed any days of this life.  Today could be your last.  Maybe next week is.  Maybe you have 50 years left, whatever.  We only have so many hugs in us.  So many kisses.  Shouldn’t they all count for something?  Shouldn’t every single moment of our life be celebrated by doing things that we love with people we love?  Tonight when you kiss your husband, wife, daughter, son good night…whoever, shouldn’t it be a kiss with meaning.  You never know. It could be your last.

In the image below of Sharman + Andrew…do you think there is any other place in the world they’d rather be than in each others arms?  LOVE IS A BIG DEAL.

Beautiful beloved image taken in Kansas City.


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Truth: Treah has the biggest smile in the world + she laughs ALL THE TIME. She wins at life.

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Amy + Christian

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You’ll notice this evening’s blog post has a different look to it.  Jenny & I are storytellers at heart.  Our current blog format wasn’t allowing us to tell stories the way we believe they should be shared.  With our new format, that’s possible.  More pictures, more details, more fun and most importantly…more LOVE.  Let us know what you think!

Now that’s out of the way, I present Amy + Christian.  We met Amy last year while shooting our last water skiing session.  Water skiing is part of Amy + Christian’s life as well.  We took it a step further and got IN the water for this session (SO MUCH FUN especially on a 105 degree day!).  My words will never be able to describe how truly amazing and fun Amy + Christian really are, so I’ll let the pictures do all the talking…

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Brook + Brett

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Besides being trained in all things ninja, Brook + Brett enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, cheerleading, MU, and being awesome.

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Ninjas rule.

Kansas City beloved photographerKung fu fun.Couple kung fu fighting.Kung fu.