Meet Banana Abby…

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Banana Abby our new Kansas City dog photography company, not Banana Abby our dog, although, our new dog studio is named after our dog.  This post is an exciting one for me.  I had this vision earlier this year that my dog photography needed a place all to itself.  We contacted our favorite graphic designer, Michelle Cormack with A Girl Named Fred, and got to work.  Today, is the day I finally launch Banana Abby out into the world.

So, what does that mean for dogs at Solar Photographers? Nothing much, except that all my future Wayside Waifs posts will be on Banana Abby.  And, also, in keeping with the Solar Photographers giving back model, Wayside Waifs gets 10% of all proceeds from any Banana Abby session (this includes all products purchased) any time, year round, until the end of time.  I really love that place.  The people are great, and the animals are well taken care of.

Jumping back on topic.  Please take a few moments (if you care to) and head over to Banana Abby and check out the new site.  You can also find Banana Abby here:

Banana Abby on Facebook

Banana Abby on Twitter

The only thing dog related you’ll be hearing from me anymore on here is an occasional link to some Wayside pictures, because, dang it, the more people see those cute faces, the more cute animals get adopted.  Thanks for taking the time to read everyone, and thanks for helping make my life so wonderful!  I really can’t imagine doing anything else with my life than capturing meaningful pictures for so many wonderful people.

A cute basset hound laying in the grass.Screen shot for Banana Abby dog photography

Our Life…In 1 Minute & 24 Seconds

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I have a buddy.  Let’s call him Drew.  Drew makes killer movies.  Jenny & I were talking one day and we decided to have Drew make a little movie to capture us being…well, US.  Just hanging out with our kids, making the day to day lives of our kiddos more enjoyable and memorable (at least that’s what we like to think we’re doing).  So, if you have a minute and 24 seconds to spare, check out the awesome movie Drew made for us.  And a HUGE, GINORMOUS thanks to Drew for capturing our family in a way only he can (he rocks).

Note: This video will be prominently displayed in the About Us section of our blog as well.

Spring Special!

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Warmer weather is here and we are SO excited to get out and shoot again!  For the month of April ONLY, we are offering an all inclusive mini portrait session for $475.  Here are the details:

  • 30 minute session
  • DVD with high res images from the session (approx 30-40)
  • Online gallery for ordering for 30 days

Fine small print:
Fee must be prepaid before the session.
Valid for sessions during April only.
Location must be in City Market OR within 30 minutes of Raymore.

Contact us today to set up your session!
Kansas City family photographers Solar Photographers portraits in City Market, KC, MO.

The Canvas Sale!!!

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It’s almost here!!  The canvas sale you’ve been waiting for is almost here!  You know that canvas you’ve been dying to order, but keep putting off?  Well, the waiting is almost over.  Beginning February 1st and ending at midnight on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be running a sale on our canvas prints.  25% off.  Wait, did you read that right?!  25% off?!  Yep.  And it’s only going to last two weeks, so mark your calendars.  And don’t miss this sale, because you can be sure it will be the only time in 2010 that we will have our canvas prints on sale.

You can also pre-order a canvas from your upcoming portrait session or wedding during this sale.  Send me an email to find out how.

If you need your online gallery reactivated, please send me an email.

No post is complete without a picture, so here’s one of my favorites that didn’t make the blog last year. I just love that little smile!

Workshop Time!

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Here’s the deal. Due to popular demand, I’m teaming up with Kelley for a few seasons of workshops, non-shooting related (hey, it’s super cold outside).  Kelley will be covering the wonderful world of Photoshop and editing, and if you’ve never met Kelley, she’s a master in efficient & beautiful  post processing. I’ll be covering business workflow, organization, planning, and basic accounting, you know, the stuff that isn’t normally taught 🙂

This first season will last four weeks, and we’ll follow it up with another four week session to build on what you’ve learned this spring.

Josh’s Edit: Both Jenny and I feel that it’s time for us to start giving back and working with some photographers on topics that aren’t normally covered in most workshops.  Jenny has her MBA in Accounting, and I have my MBA with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship.  I’ll be hanging around while Jenny is teaching offering bits and pieces of advice as well.  Oh, and my wife is a freakin’ genius when it comes to the business stuff.  Without her, I’m pretty sure we would have been out of business by now.

So what are you waiting for?? Email to reserve your spot!

ShootDay 3.0

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Thanks everyone!

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We had a blast tonight at our Open House…and if you couldn’t make it, I’m sorry…here’s just a little sneak peak of the fun you missed out on. Don’t worry, there will be PLENTY more of where this came from soon enough 🙂

Don't Forget…

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Thanks to Kelley for this amazing piece of artwork 🙂

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones tomorrow night!

104 E 5th St
Kansas City, MO 64106

Call Josh at (816) 588-9232 if you need help with directions (don’t call Jenny)

ShootDay 2.0!

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We spent Saturday hanging with a bunch of awesome photographers for ShootDay 2.0! We had some gorgeous weather which gave us some gorgeous light, so I can’t wait to see what everyone got 🙂

Kelley and I have so much fun doing these little, laid back mini-workshops, and we plan on doing a lot more, so if you’re interested, let us know!

Here’s the list of peeps we spent the evening with. If your name is on here, and I don’t have a link, just send it to and I’ll update the post:

Heather Cole (who made a guest appearance and styled our couples, thanks, Heather!)
Jeremy Arnold
Jolene Grabill
Patrick Scanlan
Jimmy Douglas
Sarah Chatham
Bethany Peasley
Amy Kuntz
Julie Branyan
Sharaya Mauck
Sarah Crawmer

So, here they are. After hours and hours going through all the images I shot (over 1200), I finally got it narrowed down to the low number of 32 images!

First up, we have Ashley & Tony. Aren’t they so sweet?

Next up, we have Jordan & Richard. They were so amazing, too!

2 Polls + a few shots of my kiddos = Really Random Post

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Ok, so Kelley and I talked about a wild idea (not spilling the beans yet), but we are curious about something, so vote away! VoteDo you have a Nike+iPod running system?Yes No Not yet, but I’d totally get one for the right reasons

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And, Jenny & I are curious, about the readers of our little blog 🙂 VoteWho are you?Client Friend or Family Photog Random Dude/Dudette Other

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Here’s a few pics from around the Solar’s world lately (sorry, no bubbles yet, that is going to be its own massive post one of these days 🙂