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We entered Banana into the Wayside Waifs Hot Tails of Kansas City contest this year.  It’s a great fund-raiser for Wayside.  Basically dogs compete for “votes.”  Each vote = $1.  Voting begins on September 25 and ends on October 28, so that’s one month to help raise money for Kansas City’s largest no-kill animal shelter & make Banana the Hot Tails winner.  A win-win for both Wayside Waifs & the Solar household!

If you would kindly share this post with everyone you know as well, that would be super! Facebook, Twitter, E-mail all can be done with one click of a button, so there’s no reason not to. The animals of Wayside thank you kindly.

Since no post is complete without something to look at, here’s a promo video I shot of Banana and our kids for Hot Tails.Enjoy and thanks for any & all support we get!

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I know you all have fireworks on your mind, but I have cute doggies on mine.  That’s because Wayside Waifs has a LOT of them, and each and every one is searching for their new forever home.  These are only a few of the beautiful animals available, so if you don’t see one you like (How could you not?), check out their website for all of the available animals.

Grayson – Shepherd | Border Collie

Portrait of a Shepherd-Border Collie mix.

Pinto Pony Boy – Pit Bull mix

Portrait of a Pit Bull taken in Kansas City.

Grunt – Pekingese

Portrait of a Pekingese puppy.

Cherry Pie – Corgi Mix

Portrait of a Corgi mix.

Sweetie – Chow | German Spitz

Portrait of a Chow-German spitz mix taken at Wayside Waifs.

Manny – Boxer

Portrait of a beautiful boxer.

Tula – Australian Shepherd | Retriever

An Australian shepherd-retriever mix taken in Kansas City.

Georgia – Australian Kelpie mix

Portrait of an Australian Kelpie mix.

Greggory – Boxer

Portrait of a boxer taken at Wayside Waifs.

Luci – Chihuahua

Portrait of an adorable chihuahua.

Lexi – Cocker Spaniel | Terrier

Beautiful cocker spaniel-terrier mix dog.

Stripe – Hound mix

A portrait of a hound mix taken at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.

Paula – Pit Bull mix

A portrait of a beautiful pit bull mix.

Sparky – Retriever mix

Portrait of a retriever named Sparky.

Buck – Siberian Husky

A gorgeous siberian husky dog portrait.

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Ok, so today I’m posting a ton of dogs I had the pleasure of meeting last Friday night. As usual, all the dogs (+ 1 cat) are available at Wayside Waifs. If you don’t see one you like, they have PLENTY more awesome animals looking for great forever homes.

Drew, Shih Tzu

Drew, the shih tzu puppy.

Reann, Shepherd mix

Reann, the German Shepherd mix.

Marilyn Monroe, Shepherd mix

Marilyn Monroe, the German Shepherd mix.

Maximus, Rough Collie | Shepherd mix

Maximus, the Rough Collie-German Shepherd mix.

Albert, Poodle

Albert, the poodle, available from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.

Deja, Pit Bull

Deja, the Pit Bull mix.

Arnold, Lhasa Apso

Arnold, the Lhasa Apso.

Phoebe, Labradoodle

Phoebe, the cute Labradoodle available at Wayside Waifs.

Bronco, Lab mix

Bronco, the Lab mix puppy.

Kate, Lab | Husky mix

Kate, a Labrador-Husky mix.

Blanca, Herrier | Siberian Husky mix

Blanca, a cute Herrier-Siberian Husky mix.

Tank, Gordon Setter

Tank, a Gordon Setter mix puppy.

Pico, Chihuahua

Pico the chihuahua, available at Wayside Waifs.

Titan, Akita | German Shepherd mix

Titan, the Akita-German Shepherd mix.

Slim, Basset Hound

Slim, the adorable basset hound.

Apparently I picked a great day to volunteer at Wayside.  Here are a few pictures taken after an emergency C-section resulted in 12 Boxer puppies.  I don’t have any other details besides that.  Oh, and that the boxer puppies are EXTREMELY cute :)

A brand new baby boxer puppy being bottle fed at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO.A boxer puppy being bottle fed.A pink nosed boxer puppy.A brand new boxer puppy being bottle fed at Wayside Waifs.A staff member at Wayside Waifs keeps a brand new boxer puppy warm.A mommy boxer snuggles with her brand new puppies.Boxer puppies latch onto their mommy and eat for the first time.A baby boxer puppy snuggles with her mommy.Boxer puppies feeding off their mommy at Wayside Waifs.

Don’t forget about our cute feline friends :)

A cat.

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I sure do love all the animals I get to photograph at Wayside Waifs.  I know that taking pictures for the shelter once every two weeks is just a small part that I play in getting these dogs good homes, and I wish I could do more.  So, maybe you can help me out and spread these images anywhere you can in hopes someone sees a puppy and instantly falls in love.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Bronco, a lab mix

A lab mix puppy from Wayside Waifs.

Calli, an Australian shepherd mix

An australian shepherd dog mix looking for a home from Wayside Waifs.

Chance, a Shih Tzu mix

A shihtzu puppy.

Chief, an American bulldog mix

An American bulldog puppy.

Devito, a Jack Russell terrier Beagle mix

A Jack Russell beagle mix puppy from Wayside Waifs.

Dodger, a Sheltie mix

Dodger, a sheltie mix.

Electra, a Retriever Blue Heeler mix

A golden retriever blue heeler mix.

Flirt, a Shepherd mix

A picture of a happy German shepherd mix.

Hollis, a Basset Hound mix (although I don’t quite see it)

A basset hound mix puppy.

Hub, a Boxer mix

A beautiful boxer mix puppy.

Mylou, a Wire Hair Fox Terrier mix

A wire hair fox terrier mix puppy looking for a great home from Wayside Waifs.

Penelope, a Beagle mix

A beagle mix puppy.

Porter, a Maltese mix

A maltese mix puppy.

Sal, a Silky Terrier mix

A silky terrier available from Wayside Waifs for adoption.

Sparky, a Spaniel mix

A spaniel mix puppy.

Ursela, a Cheagle (Chihuahua Beagle mix)

A chihuahua beagle mix from Wayside Waifs.

Wilma, a Beagle mix

A beagle mix puppy.

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It’s been a month since I visited my favorite Kansas City animal shelter, Wayside Waifs.  And a month is too long if you ask me.  So, here are a few of my favorite doggies available for adoption and looking for a great home from Wayside Waifs.

Alamo, Cattle Dog

cattle dog

Bea Arthur, Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Bruno, Boston Terrier

boston terrier

Bubba, Golden Retriever/Hound Dog mix

retriever hound dog mix

Chance, Golden Retriever mix

golden retriever mix

Cody, Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

Dallon, Cocker Spaniel mix

cocker spaniel mix

Moby, German Shepherd mix

german shepherd mix

Mya, Lab mix

lab mix

Scotty, German Shepherd mix

german shepherd mix

Snuggles, Border Collie mix

border collie mix

Spencer, Doberman


Tazo, Chihuahua


Yogi Bear, German Shepherd mix

german shepherd mix