The Beahm Family

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Family style at it’s finest. Love all the coordinating colors to match the adorable smiles.

The Hilton Family

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Fall in Kansas City means pumpkin farms. And pumpkin farms are a great place for some family photos. 

The Laughridge Family

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Some fun family images from a fall evening at Loose Park. Kansas City sure does do fall right with the colors.

The Zapien Family

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Session 2 of 2 in the Oakland Zoo parking lot & ride area. Love the California light. It’s definitely way different than Kansas City light. lol. Loved getting to catch up with the Zapien family & meet their sweet little girl. We shot their wedding 5 years ago in Oakland. It was good to be back & see ’em.

The Quintanilla Family

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Session 1 of 2 I did in the Oakland Zoo parking lot. This momma is raising some sweet boys, that’s for sure! Loved their sense of humor, smiles & positive attitudes.

The Goldstein Family

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Getting to photograph people you met in high school is quite the honor. Stephanie, you’re building a wonderful family + I’m honored to be able to document your life.

The Scharosch Family

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Family 2 of 2 today. I’ve been documenting their journey since their wedding all the way back in 2011.

PS. Amy is the best dang water ski teacher ever. She’s gotten my whole family up every time.

The Saou Family

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Family is everything. Love the way the Saou’s love each other.

Fall Family Portrait Time!

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Fall is coming, that means pumpkin spice on everything…Pumpkin Spice Oreos are a thing, y’all. It also means it’s time to schedule some fun family portraits. The weather is cooler, the kids are in their school routines & it’s time to capture some memories.

Our sessions are simple + fun. Cost is $450 + tax for a 45 minute session.
Let’s be real here, your kids are DONE after that point anyway.
You get 50-75 edited files with a print release.

Easy. Ready to book? Just click here.

The Gilmore Family – Garden Improvement

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Curb appeal makes an important “buying element” when trying to sell your home. It also serves as an important consideration when you wish to live in your home comfortably and happily.

The appearance of the exterior of your house and the quality of your landscaping combine to create your house curb appeal (or lack thereof).

The impression your home (and by extension you) make on passersby, visitors, neighbors and potential buyers will greatly decide by the exterior condition of your house and the competence of your landscaping design and its upkeep.

While the home itself is the centerpiece and focal point when it comes to the appearance of the entire property. However, the curb appeal is the first to make an impression on guests.

When people drive or drop by for a visit, you want the front yard to shine with style! You only get one shot at a first impression. Do your neighbors to see the grass is greener on your side! Does your frontyard curb appeal rate as the best front yard on the block? Try out a free maintenance option like playground turf.

Positive curb appeal can affect:

  • The value of your home
  • Your relationship with your neighbors
  • Your quality of life
  • Your enjoyment in your home

In this article, we will share some basic concepts and some tips to help you create a yard and garden that will stand out for all the right reasons. Read on to learn more.

Maintain Your Home Properly

No matter how beautiful your yard and garden look, a shabby house will detract anyone from a good first impression. Before you chart your curb appeal ideas landscape plan, try looking at your house and your yard with “fresh eyes.” This may seem a little bit difficult to do, but think about the time you invited a guest to your home and suddenly try to become aware of how your familiar surroundings might look to a stranger.

When getting a home ready for sale, every little project that can increase and add curb appeal while keeping the cost down is a worthwhile one. Simple landscaping jobs add new flare, while also being easy on the wallet.

Take a step way back and try to get a sense of the whole area, a fresh perspective. Look at the paint, front door, porch, walkways and garden borders for clutter. Look at areas that might seem a bit too sparse or barren. Start with those and work out to the whole yard.

Take a stroll around the block and try approaching your home in this frame of mind. Try to see it as a stranger might. Do you see bare spots in the grass, overgrown shrubbery, problems with the house or fencing?

Make a list of the imperfections that stand out. This is where you will begin your quest to create curb appeal. [source]

Make solid plans to address each of the items on your list and then tackle them in an organized manner. Begin with simple things that you can do right now for little or no cost and without a great deal of planning.

Examples include:

  • Take a tour of your yard with a sharp pair of shears
  • Rake up leaves and pick up twigs and branches
  • Put away kids’ and pets’ toys
  • Organize your tools
  • Pick up clutter
  • Mow

Simple decluttering and removal of rampant foliage will make a big difference in the span of an afternoon. Take care of any minor repairs to your house, and make plans or arrangements to address any major problems.

Quickly Add Curb Appeal With Seasonal Decorations

Once you decluttered and tidied up what you already have, you can begin thinking about adding attractive features to your yard and garden. Adding seasonal decorative features is a quick way to spruce things up.

Try adding:

  • A few pots of chrysanthemums on your porch in autumn
  • An evergreen wreath on your front door in winter
  • A few pots of daffodils and tulips in springtime
  • A planter filled with colorful coleus plants on your porch in summer

These small, inexpensive touches can quickly make a big difference to the appearance of your home.

What About Lawn Decorations?

Lawn ornaments can make or break your curb appeal. It really all depends upon what sort of ornaments you choose. You should not use lawn statuary, chimes, spinners, gazing balls, and other items used in your front yard.

These sorts of things does not work as one of the landscape elements. As you call them personal property, you can take them with you when you decided to move. For this reason use them in your backyard makes it far more intimate and personal.

While gazing balls and garden gnomes look lovely to you, adding them to your front yard may cause you to lose buyers and draw criticism or even ire or envy from your neighbors.

Your portable lawn decorations will become much safer from damage and theft in your backyard, and they will less likely seem cluttered in your private space than in your public space.

A Well Kept Backyard Adds Value And Livability

Having a tidy, usable backyard adds to the value of your home both in terms of resale and in terms of your own everyday use. An unattractive, cluttered backyard will put off potential buyers. Even if you are not planning to sell your home, a backyard that you cannot use and enjoy is very likely to put you off, as well!

When you imagine your home in your mind’s eye, you want to think of it as inviting and comfortable. A chronically cluttered and unruly backyard makes it more likely to feel like a burden than a haven.

Just as with your front yard, begin by decluttering and getting overgrown trees, shrubs, grass and weeds under control. If you don’t hold adequate storage space for your tools and recreational equipment, prioritize on setting it up as soon as possible.

You can also make space by rearranging and sorting the items you already own. If not possible, invest in a portable shed to achieve the space you need.