Meet Kharis

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Location: Downtown Belton

Today was our first shoot ever with this little cutie, Kharis! She is super-talkative and so much fun :). Even though this was the first time we’ve taken her pictures, she was pretty laid back and easy to work with. Here are a few favorites from our shoot today…















Reichen's Portraits

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Location: Johnson Farms

So after we got some pics of our own little ones at the pumpkin patch today, we met up with Reichen and his parents and had a great shoot! Reichen is (obviously) so cute and he is so easy to please. At first he was a little shy, but within 5 minutes he was bouncing all over, laughing and smiling. Here are some of our favorites from the shoot…

Kobe & Twinkie

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After taking some pictures of Aspen a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I haven’t ever formally taken any pics of my parents dogs. They aren’t getting any younger. Twinkie, the Chow/Shepherd mix is blind, but still happy and gets around great. Kobe, the Black/Brown Missouri in-bred, is hyper and kind of a moron. He’s also known as Smart Bump, because that is definitely not a smart bump on top of his head. Anyway, here are some pics.



Emma and Ian

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Location: Loose Park

Today was our annual fall shoot with Emma and her new baby brother Ian. We had such a blast with them today and got some awesome photos!! Emma is such a sweetheart, but kind of shy. Lucky for us, we’ve been taking her pics since she was 6 months old, so she’s pretty much used to us by now. Unfortunately, what that means is that my silly faces don’t work anymore. But we worked through it and had a great time anyway :). There’s still hope for Ian, who is so darn cute… maybe my extreme silliness will work on him for awhile! Here’s a sneak peek for mom who is waiting oh-so-patiently…


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Just in case you were wondering, we shoot doggy portraits too :). Here are a few from our shoot with Aspen last week…

Jenna & Noah

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We have the pleasure of taking pictures of these two cuties twice a year and today was our annual fall shoot. Jenna and Noah are so much fun to take pictures of because they are very sweet and easy to please. I don’t even have to make too many silly faces to get a smile or laugh from these guys. Here are a few from our shoot at Loose Park tonight.

Baby Kyle

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Last night we headed up to Gladstone to visit 3 week old baby Kyle. What a sweet little boy! And he’s so little! It’s amazing how quickly you forget just how tiny they are at that age. He was a pretty good sport about letting us snap a few photos. I know his mom has been eagerly awaiting this sneak preview, so here it is!

Juliana's 9 Month Portraits

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I don’t even know what to say about Juliana… she is just so darn cute! And she’s great in front of the camera, she even did a few model poses for us today. As usual, her mom was armed with several way-too-cute outfits, including her ladybug Halloween costume. We have been looking forward to doing some park photos with Juliana, but the rain made us change our plans and head to Union Station instead. I think Juliana was pretty happy though… she had a great time crawling around in the main hallway and trying to eat dirt and grass outside :). Here’s a sneak peek for mom and dad (and grandma :)…

Hailey's Senior Pictures

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Last night we drove out to a farm in Greenwood to shoot Hailey’s senior pics. Have we mentioned lately how much we LOVE doing senior pics? We had so much fun with Hailey and her horse and her dog and her cell phone and her fun personality :). She made it way too easy to get amazing photos. Here are just a few of our favorites… it was really hard to narrow these down…


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Our second shoot yesterday was with Audrey. She’ll be turning two soon and she’s been with us since she was 3 months old. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! As usual, Audrey made us work hard for her pictures, but we got some really cute ones :). Here are a few of my favorites…