Taylor and Mallory

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Yesterday we had a busy day out at Loose Park with 3 pretty little girls. First off were Taylor and Mallory. I was a little worried when we met them at the fountain at 63rd Street because both girls were pretty set on not smiling. But, mom bribed them with slushies and the after the five minute drive to the park, they were ready to go, armed with their ‘slushy smiles.’ Thanks girls for being so good… here’s a sneak peek for mom and dad…

The Ramirez Family

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So, some of our blogstalkers will recognize this fun family. These are some really good friends of ours who moved to Italy last year. Sofia was just over a year old last time we saw her and she’s gotten so big in the last year! So, of course we had to do some family pics while they were here visiting. Kathleen and Lorenzo, if you’re reading this from Italy, we miss you already… come home again soon! Here are a few favorites…

Baby Ian

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Emma is finally a big sister… and baby Ian is so cute! He wasn’t very cooperative during our shoot, but we still managed to get a few good shots. Here’s a sneak peek for you Tasha (he’s beautiful, by the way:)…

Richard's Senior Pictures

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Yay! It’s officially senior picture time! We just did our first 2008 senior the other night. Richard is really big into skateboarding, so he was really excited when Josh mentioned heading out to the skatepark for some of his senior photos. We started there, and then headed over to Mouse Creek at Longview Lake, where we got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but had a good time none the less. Richard is also in the ROTC, so we got some sweet shots in his uniform, as well as a few traditional ones to make mom happy :). So here’s a sneak peek of our shoot the other night. (P.S. If you know anyone in need of senior pictures, make sure to send them our way!)

Zoey, Part 2

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So most of you know that we use this blog as a way to keep people updated with what’s going on around here, and also as a way to give our clients a little ‘sneak peek’ at their photos before we’re done editing. Well, one of the downsides to doing this is that, after all the photos are edited, I always see a few that I really wish I had put on the blog, because they are just that awesome. That’s what these are… my favorites, round 2. Zoey’s portraits are up on the proofing website now if you want to check them out. You should also check them out if you’re interested in seeing a sample album from a portrait session.


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Okay, so if you’re a frequent stalker of this blog, you will recognize this cutie as Max’s best friend Zoey. Tonight we had the pleasure of taking photos of Zoey, who is about to turn three. Let me just preface this by telling you how much we just LOVE Zoey. She is a sweet, thoughtful, kind, and beautiful little girl. So as you can imagine, we were really excited to take her pictures tonight. Here are a few of my favorites. There were so many great ones that it was hard to narrow it down…

This one is for daddy 🙂

Here’s Josh’s favorite

This one is my favorite

Reichen's Portraits

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Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking pictures of little Reichen. He is just 5 days older than Ava and so cute! His dad does our website for us (thanks Dave, you’re the best!), so of course we were super excited to do pictures for them. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the shoot… Reichen wasn’t handing out too many smiles, but we still caught a few 🙂

Fun at Smithville Lake

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Last night we headed up to Smithville lake to take some pictures of these awesome kids. We’ve known these guys forever so it seems (maybe it’s really only been 7 years). Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

First up, the baby, Isabella… she’s not really a baby anymore though…

We met them when Gabbie was only a year old and soon she’s gonna be all grown up.

Celestino, such a little man…
Tonino, almost a teenager (scary!)

Mia… isn’t she gorgeous?

Aaron and his beautiful wife Katie

And a group shot!

We love you guys!

Celeste, Zandra, & Erin

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After Juliana’s shoot on Sunday, we headed over to take pics of these three cuties. It’s a good thing I brought my A game, because Celeste was tough to crack. But once I figured out that jumping karate kicks with crazy faces made her laugh, we were good to go 🙂 Here are a few pics…

Celeste smiling (finally!)

And baby sister Zandra

And cousin Erin


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We’ve known Juliana’s parents for a couple of years now (has it really been that long, Angela?). We did their engagement pics and then their wedding early last year, and now we have the pleasure of taking pictures of their beautiful daughter. I’m telling you, they are going to be in trouble when she gets older…