Three family shoots…

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We had the opportunity the past two days to shoot three different (and fun!) families. We were out at Loose Park yesterday and the Nelson today… here are a few shots from each…

Drew & Selena

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We got the chance to walk around the Jazz District and City Market with Drew & Selena the other night. They were a blast. I don’t think I got too many serious pics. We actually shot their wedding last August, so some of you might recognize them.

I would also like to let everyone know that Drew and Selena have started their own video company. Drew does weddings, music videos, short films, school plays, basically anything you would ever want recorded. You can check out some more about them here. It’s always fun when you meet quality vendors that you can recommend to other brides.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites.

This is one of my favorite pics ever! The light was perfect for the shadow.

Hey baby, what ya doin’ later?

And now for the jumping pics. Drew seemed to want to jump off of everything he possibly could. Man, he’s got some hops on him!

Kick-flip off the wall!

You just can’t stop him!

Selena even got in on the action.

Sick of it all, she finally just pushed him off.

Tasha's Maternity Pics

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Sorry it took me so long to post this Tasha! I know you are eagerly awaiting a sneak peek at your pics from last night. We were really excited to do Tasha’s maternity pics, especially since they didn’t have any done with Emma (we didn’t know them back then:). Thanks Tasha for suffering through the unbearable heat (our A/C was not working yesterday, but THANKFULLY, we got it fixed today). Here are a few pics from our session…

I love this one… It totally shows Tasha’s fun and happy personality!

Isn’t Emma so sweet?

They don't get any cuter than this!

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Let me tell you, I just LOVE babies! Yesterday, we took pics of Ava. She was the flower girl (and niece) of Shannon, whose wedding we did back in April. She is just so darn cute! She was so good, just smiling and laughing the whole time. So, without further ado, a few pics of this beautiful little girl…

Rain, Rain, Rain…

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So, today we FINALLY got to do our shoot with Jenna & Noah, some of our favorite little kids (of course, we have lots of favorites!). Four rainy days, a busted lip, chicken pox, and two months later, here we are today. I kid you not, we were on our way to the park, and suddenly it just starts pouring rain! So, we just gave up and decided to head to Union Station and we had a lot of fun! Here are a few pics from today… Noah is growing up so fast and Jenna is just as sweet as she looks 🙂

Baby David

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Last night, we had the opportunity to shoot our brand new nephew (11 days old to be exact!). He is so sweet and cute. Our niece Emily also came over and we got a few shots of her running around and playing with her cousin Max. I will definitely say it was crazy around our house last night with 4 little ones running around (well, 2 running around and 2 just hanging out)!

Isn’t he sweet?

He slept the whole time!

My favorite niece! (She’s also my only niece 🙂

Emily and Cousin Max

Jenny’s Bat Mitzvah

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Saturday night we headed out to the Hyatt Regency downtown for Jenny’s Bat Mitzvah party. What a blast! We did her older brother Matt’s Bar Mitzvah last year and had a lot of fun, so we were really excited to have the opportunity to do Jenny’s this year. These events are crazy… a huge group of 12 and 13 year olds partying all night! And we were excited to run into the catering coordinator there, Sarah, who we went to high school with. Kansas City is such a small city:).