In Their Own Words: Brooke & Matt

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Our April In Their Own Words couple is the amazing Brooke & Matt, who had a kick ass Paola wedding.  They got married last July, and we LOVE them dearly.

I hope that you all enjoy reading these In Their Own Words features, because I’m going to keep sharing them.  Great stories deserve to be shared with the world.  Great stories add meaning and value to our lives.  Great stories should be shared and passed down from generation to generation.  Jenny & I love the fact that we get to play a part in so many great stories.

Brooke – This image pretty much sums up our relationship, and I think that is why I love it so much.  It’s just Matt and me, walking down the road of life together, holding hands.  I don’t think either of us knew this picture was being taken at the time – we had just finished some portraits, and were heading back to meet our wedding party and get the ceremony started.  There was an antique car show outside of our venue on the day of our wedding, so we spent quite a bit of time walking around with Josh looking at all of the cars, and stopping for a photo every now and then.  At this moment though, we were just walking together, not a care in the world, heading in to get married.  It was like it was just him and I walking down this road, like no one else was even around.  I think you can see that in this image, too.  At first glance, all you see is the two of us.  But then as you look a little longer, you notice people and cars here and there in the background.  To us that day, it felt like it was just the two of us, and we were just walking along, starting the journey down our road together.  Even though there were actually a ton of people around, and most of them were staring at us and telling us “congratulations”, we were in our own little world.   It means a lot to me to know that no matter where life takes me, or what road I’m walking down, my husband will be there with me holding my hand along the way (and he’ll even hold my sunglasses for me :) )

a bride and groom holding hands walking down the street.

Matt – About an hour before marrying the most beautiful, caring, intelligent woman in my life, we exchanged cards.  Well, I think it was Josh and Jenny that did the exchanging, but when Josh showed me that the two cards were almost identical, I was amazed.  And so was Josh – so much so that he had me hold them so he could get a picture.  Now don’t get me wrong, the card and what she had written inside was beautiful and emotional for me, but you don’t get to see a picture of that because I was trying to be tough in front of the camera.  I am so glad he thought of capturing  this though,  because it meant so much to see another sign that we were meant to be (although I didn’t need another sign, I knew she was the one for me!).  This just goes to show those who don’t know us not only that we think alike, but how we feel about one another, and that is why this is one of my favorite pictures – even though it doesn’t show my beautiful wife, and the sincere words inside the card, I think it says a lot.

a groom holding two cards with the same writing.

Married: Erin & Sam

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Ceremony Location: Danforth Chapel

Reception Location: Stony Point Hall

Details: DIY by the bride

Our first wedding of 2010 found me shooting a small, intimate, super fun wedding out in Lawrence, KS.  Erin & Sam’s day was filled with so much emotion! Their vows were some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard spoken at a wedding ceremony.  Let’s just say I was balling as I was snapping.  Erin & Sam let me see their LOVE for each other, and I’m a better man because of it.

Homemade announcements from Erin and Sam's Lawrence wedding. Sam thinking about his wedding vows

Petey, a cute dog photo. A groom fixing his tie. A groom tieing his shoe.

A groom writing his wedding vows. A groom writing his wedding vows. A groom petting his dog on his wedding day. A groom talking on his cell phone. A bride putting her makeup on. A groom getting prepped for his wedding. A groom getting prepped for his wedding. A nervous groom waits for his wedding to start. A bride getting into her wedding dress. A nervous groom waiting for his wedding to start. A groom smiles at his bride for the first time. A bride and groom smile at each other. A bride and groom go over their wedding vows. A bride hugs her grandma. A bride reviews her wedding vows before her ceremony. A bride's sister helps put finishing touches on her dress. A guitar player, playing at a wedding. The mother of the bride smiling at her daughter. A groom gives his bride a gift. The bride waits with her family for the wedding to start. A bride getting ready to walk down the aisle. Erin and Sam's wedding ceremony in Lawrence. A groom reads his vows to his bride. Bride and groom hug each other right after getting married. Bride and groom celebrate after getting married. Bride and groom celebrate after getting married. A bride and groom portrait in a stairwell. A bride and groom stare into each other's eyes. A bride and groom drive off together for the first time. A bride hugs her dog. A groom hugs his dog. Cute ring picture with diy wedding decorations. A father of the bride laughing on his daughter's wedding day. Women checking out bride's wedding ring. Bride and groom laughing at best man's speech.

In Their Own Words: Jenna & James

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Our second In Their Own Words features Jenna & James. They got married all the way back in December of 2008. And, for the second time, I shed a few tears while reading their words. I’m a sucker for love I guess. And, in case you missed the first one, our In Their Own Words posts are all about past clients and what their most memorable moments are from their wedding day. It brings me so much joy that the images Jenny and I get to capture are so important to the people in them.

Jenna – When I look at this picture today all I can do is sigh! What a calm moment after a very exciting, very busy, very perfect day! Trying to get married the Saturday after Christmas was a bit stressful and I thought I had everything under control leading up to the day. We woke up that morning to find a pretty good sheet of ice coating everything and a yucky rain/sleet/snow wintry mix continuing to fall, not really what we had pictured. Despite the added stress of the weather, the day went absolutely perfectly. We were even surprised as we opened the door of the church after the ceremony to find it had started snowing big beautiful flakes. The rest of the evening was full of excitement and celebrating with family and friends. James and I are high school sweethearts. After 7 years of dating, 3 of which were while we were living in different cities going to school, we were finally married! This picture really captures the purpose of the year of planning, the moments of stress, and the reason for the celebrating. We were walking through the door to our house as husband and wife for the first time just the two of us (and Josh)! This was probably the calmest moment of the entire day, but really it was the most thrilling. We were married and were starting our life together!!

James and Jenna's wedding photos at Hawthorne House in Kansas City, MO

Jenna – I love this picture! My dad has always been very supportive and loving. I was blessed in never having to wonder a day in my life if he was proud of me or if he thought I was beautiful. I love how this picture shows his real feelings and emotions just before he walked me down the isle. I couldn’t see his face as we made our way up the stair well (and it was probably a good thing or I would have been a wreck.) If I did have any question of my dad’s love for me, this picture really does say it all!

James and Jenna's wedding photos at Hawthorne House in Kansas City, MO

James – There are hundreds of awesome pictures that the Solars took during our wedding day, but the pictures that mean the most to me are the ones that bring back the emotions of the night for me personally. That’s the reason these are my favorite two pictures.

The first picture is taken during the first few minutes that me and Jenna saw each other. I remember thinking up to that point that I would have no emotional problems and that Jenna would be the one that might lose it at some point during the evening. I remember turning around to see Jenna, looking at her, and that all of a sudden I started to cry like a little girl. I don’t know why, I don’t really know what came over me at that point, but I just broke down and had an emotional time with Jenna. I remember so specifically the feelings in those minutes, and that’s the reason I love this picture.

James and Jenna's wedding photos at Hawthorne House in Kansas City, MO

James – The second picture is during the toasts at the reception. Again, I thought I would be fine as my brother was joking around and telling stories…but then all of a sudden it got emotional. He started talking about some of the things we had been through, and again, the emotions of everything going on just hit. This picture captures all of our faces as we went from a very sentimental time in the speech to a 360 degree turn to some random comment that we all thought was hilarious. I think it captures the relationship that I have with my brother perfectly, and it captures what a great time we were having listening to what the people closest to us had to say.

James and Jenna's wedding photos at Hawthorne House in Kansas City, MO

Looking at both of these pictures takes me back to one of the best days of my life, and puts me in those moments like they were yesterday. Thanks Josh and Jenny for spending that day with us and putting up with everything that was going on. We were so happy with you guys as our photographers and can honestly say we can’t imagine our wedding day without you guys being there.