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A huge thank you to Every Last Detail for featuring Laine & Adam’s super fun wedding on their awesome wedding inspiration blog.

Every Last Detail wedding blog feature.

Married: Jennifer & Ralph

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Ceremony: Redemptorist Catholic Church
Reception: Sawyer Room Eric & Jodie are wonderful to work with, we LOVE them.
Catering: Brancato’s YUMM!
Bartenders: 3 Blondes & A Martini
Cake: Icing on the Cake YUMMMMMMMMM!!
DJ: CD Producktions with karaoke (always fun!)
Limo & Trolley: Horizon Limousine

I really could ramble on and on about all the things that I love about weddings. I’m sure Jenny could do the same.  There’s just something about two people committing their lives to each other, supporting each other, LOVING each other, that just gives me the chills.

The LOVE that Jennifer & Ralph share is like no other.  I saw it while shooting their fall engagement session at the Nelson & Kauffman Gardens, and it was evident all day last Saturday as well.  And not only the love they share, but the connections they have with their families and friends.  The way Jennifer’s dad looked at her right before walking down the aisle, the tears Ralph & his mom shared during the mother/son dance.  Those are moments that really hit home why we do this.  Witnessing people in their happiest moments enjoying each others company, learning from them, and bringing those experiences into our own family.  It’s powerful.

Groom buttons his shirt on his wedding day.Bride puts finishing touches on her makeup.Groom finishes getting himself dressed for his wedding.A man shaves on his wedding day.A groom adjusts his bow-tie while getting ready for his Kansas City wedding.Bride laughs while putting her beautiful wedding dress on.A groom shares laughs with his groomsmen in a taxi cab on the way to Redemptorist Catholic Church in Kansas City.A bride and her family laugh together in the limo ride to the church.Groom and one of his groomsmen watch the beginning of the wedding ceremony.A bride shares a laugh with her twin sister before her wedding.Father of the bride gets his bow-tie adjusted.A bride, her father, and sister laugh together before their wedding in Kansas City.Father looks on with joy at his daughter right before she walks down the aisle.A wedding ceremony at Redemptorist Catholic Church in downtown Kansas City.A bride laughs with her groom during their wedding at Redemptorist Catholic Church.A bride and groom share their first kiss at Redemptorist Catholic Church.Bride and groom walk down the aisle with huge smiles on their faces after their wedding at Redemptorist Catholic Church.Bride and groom portrait.Bride and groom walking happily in love.Bride and groom laugh together.Groom kisses his bride on the cheek for a cute picture.Beautiful bridal portrait.A fantastic bride and groom picture.Bride relaxes on the trolley with her bridal party on her wedding day.Bride feeds her groom Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.Bride eats ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery on her wedding day.Bride and groom share ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery together.A happy bride and groom portrait.Bride and groom make their way into their reception at the Sawyer Room in downtown Kansas City.Bride and groom make their way into their reception at the Sawyer Room in downtown Kansas City.Bride laughs with a guest at her wedding reception in Kansas City.Two cute girls at a wedding reception.Bride and groom egg on the crowd at the Sawyer Room in Kansas City.Bride and groom get ready to cut their Icing on the Cake wedding cake.Bride and groom share their first dance at their reception in the Sawyer Room in downtown Kansas City.Bride dances with her dad at the Sawyer Room.Mom cries with her son, the groom, during the mother|son dance at the Sawyer Room.Bride and groom dance at their reception at the Sawyer Room in Kansas City.Groom dances with a Hannibal Lecter mask on at his wedding reception.Parents dancing at a wedding reception in Kansas City.Groom sings karaoke to his bride at the Sawyer Room.Bride and groom sing karaoke together at their wedding reception.Man dances to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This. He nails it.Groomsman gets wild with an alligator mask at a Kansas City wedding reception.Two guys having fun.Bride and groom have fun in a photobooth at their wedding reception.

Married: Jenny & Nick

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Videographer: Daniel from Complete Video

I knew that Jenny & Nick’s wedding was going to be awesome after shooting their super fun engagement pictures .  What I didn’t know was how hot it was going to be.  And, it was HOT, but no one really complained, Nick & Jenny got married, a few tears were shed, and we all partied the night away.

Groomsmen pour margarita mix into the margarita machine at Jenny & Nick's wedding.A groom chats with his dad before his wedding ceremony.The bride putting makeup on all her bridesmaids.A photo of the groom buttoning his tuxedo shirt.A bridesmaid and the mother of the bride put earrings in the bride's ears.The groom getting ready for his outdoor wedding.A bride cries while reading the sweet card her groom sent her.A bride gets emotional after reading her card from her groom.A bride and her bridesmaids wait patiently for her outdoor wedding to start.A groom waits with his father and brother for his wedding ceremony to start.A bride chats with her grandma on her wedding day.The bride cries while pinning the boutonniere on her mom before her wedding.Grandpa waits for the wedding to start with his old school blue chevy truck.A bride waits patiently for her outdoor wedding to start as she peers out the window to see what's going on.A bride waits with her bridesmaids for her wedding to start.Bride cries with her dad before her wedding ceremony.A lovely bridal portrait.An old happy married couple.Father of the bride looks on with lots of love at his daughter before she gets married.Father of the groom and the groom share a last moment before he gets married.A gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony in Kansas.Bride tears up as she reads her vows to the groom.Bride and groom look on with smiles as they watch their butterfly ceremony.A bride and groom smile as they walk back down the aisle of their outdoor wedding ceremony.A groomsman plays with his son at a wedding in Kansas.Beautiful bride and groom portrait in a field in Kansas.Bride and groom snuggle lovingly in a field in Kansas.Smiling bridal portrait.A portrait of a bride and groom by an old blue Chevy truck.Bride and groom walking into their outdoor wedding reception in Kansas.On a hot day, a ring bearer gets his feet wet in the ice chest.Picture of wedding rings on a fan.Father of the bride gives a speech at his daughter's outdoor wedding reception.Maid of honor toasts the bride and groom at an outdoor wedding in Kansas.Bride and groom share their first dance.A bride and her father share a dance at her wedding reception in Kansas.Bride sings along to music at her wedding reception.The bride and her bridesmaid dance crazy to a song at her wedding reception.Bride and groom laugh on the dance floor.A little girl hides behind a fan at an outdoor wedding reception in Kansas.Ring bearer gets down on the dance floor.Bride cools herself off at her outdoor wedding reception in Kansas with a big fan.Bride celebrates her marriage on the dance floor with all her friends.Bride and her grandma dance at her wedding reception.Crazy guy doing a back flip at a wedding reception in Kansas.A girl doing the limbo at a wedding reception.

My wife works HARD to get the shot 🙂

Photographer dancing with guests as she's taking a picture.