Childhood Unplugged: Ava & the Balloon Animals

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Ava saved up her own money to buy herself a little how to make balloon animals kit. It came with balloons, a pump, and a book. She’s hooked. She’s had it for two weeks now and has her own apron with places for all the different colored balloons and has got quite good. I love to watch my kids progress and grow through hard work and initial frustrations. Kids have a lot to teach us about life…

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ava-and-her-balloon-animals-01 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-02 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-03 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-04 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-05 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-06 ava-and-her-balloon-animals-07

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