Childhood Unplugged: June

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The other night, Ava and I were laying on the back deck. She had brought all these blankets + pillows out, made a comfy bed + asked me to snuggle with her. It was 7:22 pm, hot + humid. Out of the blue I asked Ava, “Want to go kayaking with me?” Ava always says yes to random things. So with big grins on our faces + the arduous process of strapping our incredibly big + heavy kayak to the top of the minivan we headed to the local lake for a wonderful evening of paddling, laughing, splashing + checking out the river otters. It truly is moments like these that make this life worth living.

Note: This post is part of the monthly Childhood Unplugged series. We’re all better off when we’re off our devices and out with the ones we love.

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