Engl Mutual Agreement

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b) In the absence of a contract, requests are forwarded between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Justice or, in accordance with Article 15, paragraph 1, a comparable department of the Member State responsible for the transmission of requests for mutual legal assistance, or between other authorities that may be agreed between the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice. If the measures covered in the agreement create an operational difficulty for the United States of America and one or more Member States, these difficulties should, as far as possible, be resolved through consultations between the Member State or the Member States concerned and the United States of America or, if necessary, by the consultation procedures provided in the agreement. If it is not possible to deal with such operational difficulties alone through consultations, it would be compatible with the agreement on future bilateral agreements between a Member State and the United States of America to establish an alternative operational mechanism that would meet the objectives of the specific provision for which the difficulty has arisen. Requests for mutual legal assistance and related communications can be made through expedited communications, including a fax machine or e-mail, with official confirmation, which are followed, if necessary, by the required state. The required state can respond to the demand with such an expedited means of communication. Under the agreement, between 1960 and 1979, 5.37 tonnes of plutonium were shipped from the United Kingdom to the United States, compared to 6.7 kg of tritium and 7.5 tonnes of UCE. An additional 470 kg of plutonium was traded between the United States and the United Kingdom from an as yet unexplained subcontract. [101] Some of the plutonium produced in the United Kingdom was used by the United States in 1962 for the only known nuclear test of the reactor plutonium. [102] The plutonium shipped to the United States contained some produced in Magnox civilian reactors in the United Kingdom, and the United States assured that civilian plutonium was not used in the U.S.

nuclear weapons program. It has been used in civilian programs that included California production and reactor research. [101] 6.