Formal Promise Or Agreement Crossword

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word Definition in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English verb COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES renege on a pledge formal ▪ The government has not kept its election promises. Giving up a formal promise (breaking it) ▪ It is tempting for the government to break its promise. CORPUS COLLOCATIONS… But the promise of this life is compromised by the genius that made it possible. Definitions of Words De Wiktionary in Wiktionary vb. To go back to his word. Cleopatra testified to his promise and withdrew Alexandrian citizenship from Jews and granny, while allowing the Greeks to keep them. She was trying to blackmail a promise that she had to appear on her pages, which she did, as we all remember. If we were able to promise ourselves, we must allow ourselves to keep our promise.

I come before you and I take the presidency at a time full of promise. I promise I will not, Mr. Bines; They can row if they want. Answer to the words “Break a promise”, 6 letters: renege According to my promise, I saw the minister the next day. My promise is made; Not said, but no less real and solemn. If you still haven`t resolved the warning crossword agreement, then why not browse our database to find the letters you already have! Hester Paine, a young woman, fulfills her daughter`s promise. Amusement parks were not favorite places, but here she was heading to Kid Kountry, a monument inflated with sensory redundancy, prize-winning crooks and group fun, because a promise was a promise and she had already retired twice in the past two weeks. Innes had promised us many things this way, but in the end he was forced to betray his promise. When Apollo agreed and Sibylla did not keep his promise, the Angry God said that the girl had asked for years of life, not youth, and had allowed her to grow old and grow old. He also won the 240-vote pledge from other voters. Below you will find possible answers to the crossword agreement.

But Knife must promise to leave his country to his stepson if he dies. Local insurance companies and credit companies held Benedict Filesden Stift, whom a man had used to sign his contract, his cigarette butt, a Plastex-Hanky with which he had molded his forehead, an object that was left safe, the remains of a biopsy or blood so that Benedick could use his power against those who renounce these businesses and flee those who break their laws. The inspectors were received and sanctions were maintained and whenever Iraq tried to fulfil its obligations or challenge the authority of the international community, the Security Council sanctioned the military action of the United States, the United Kingdom and sometimes France.