Amber & Bart: The Photobooth

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You’ve seen their awesome wedding pictures, now check out the fun we had in Amber & Bart’s photobooth.  Have I ever mentioned how much Jenny & I LOVE setting up Photobooths at weddings?  Such a fun time for everyone involved.

Note: All props were supplied by the bride & groom.  We don’t bring props and want each Photobooth to be unique.  And, once again, our brides & grooms are the coolest.  The blow up boombox?!? How awesome is that!!

Fun photo booth picture of a bride and groom.Cute kid in the photo booth.Two girls sharing the coconuts.Bridesmaid and groomsman in the photo booth.Fun Kansas City photo booth picture.See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, evil.Wild kid in the photo booth.Fun photo booth picture.Mustaches and coconuts in the photo booth.Fun Kansas City photo booth picture.Craziness in the photo booth.Chalk board fun in a photo booth.Bride in the photo booth.Bride in a Kansas City photo booth.Two dudes kissing in the photo booth.Wild photo booth picture.Groom with his two best men.Father of the bride in beer goggles.Awesome boombox in the Kansas City photo booth.Bridesmaids in the photo booth.Bride and groom having fun in the photo booth.Coconuts and devil horns in the photo booth.Fun Kansas City photo booth.Fun Kansas City photo booth.Mother hugs son in photo booth.

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