Get Married. Do Good.

Listen, if there’s one thing we take seriously in Solar-land, it’s love. We love our family. We love pancakes. And we love doing what we do for a living. In fact, it’s a blessing. Somehow, participating in one of the happiest days of our clients’ lives just never gets old.

So we’d like to thank our brides and grooms for choosing Solar Photographers by investing 5% of our after-tax income in four organizations that we think are blessings in our global community. Sound interesting? There’s more! When you book us to capture your wedding day, YOU get to choose which organization to support! Here are the four terrific organizations we’ve selected:

And we promise to be accountable; we’ll keep this page updated with running totals as we go.

The Get Married. Do Good. campaign is something we started in April of 2011 and are excited to watch the totals grow over the years!

Thank you!

PS: Not to be pushy, but if you find one of these organizations particularly compelling, and you want to encourage your friends and family to share the love, well, we’d love that too!

get married do good