Hot Tub Rental Agreement

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2.1. The customer of this lease and the company acknowledge and accept that the terms and conditions of sale contained in this Agreement govern the rental of all devices by the Company`s customer. 3.5. The duration of the lease is valid until the damaged aircraft are repaired or the lost, stolen or damaged appliances are replaced after repair, provided that the additional rental costs payable as a direct result of the theft, accidental loss or deterioration of the aircraft do not exceed 13 weeks` rent. I think you are wise to consider the benefits and risks associated with offering a hot tub as part of the amenities of your apartment for rent. It is clear that potential tenants are attracted to a rented property with jacuzzi. Any changes to the above terms are made by written agreement between Hot Tub Hire Sheffield and the tenant and must be signed by both parties. All devices remain in the possession of Hot Tub Hire Sheffield at all times. Penguin Hot Tubs Limited, acting as “The Company,” requires that all persons who rent equipment (“THE CLIENT”) have read and understood the content of this agreement before they have signed. If you do not understand the information contained in this document, please contact Penguin Hot Tubs Ltd directly on 0800 112 3886 or e-mail It should be noted that once the payment was received, you accepted the equipment as described below and read/understood all the points highlighted in the terms and conditions.

1.3. “contract” refers to the contract between the company and the customer for the supply and lease of the equipment. A tenant with a monthly tenancy agreement can file a 30-day written termination statement at any time and is only responsible for the rent until the last day of the rental, i.e. 30 days. Thus, in your example, the tenant of a tenant who gives his 30-day period on the 15th of the month would be liable for rent until the 14th of the following month. (The variable is the number of days during the month the notification is given — 28, 30 or 31.) The addition of a pool and spa is an installation of a rental contract that is created to identify the rules for the use of a pool and/or spa. The form can be used for a private or communal pool, including all spa/jacuzzi/jacuzzi, and indicates who is responsible for the weekly maintenance. In addition, the addendum is not responsible for injuries or negligence related to the use of the pool by the tenant and/or his clients. Therefore, this form has a dual purpose; it establishes the rules for the use of the pool and frees the owner from any legal liability in case of damage or damage related to the pool.

4.3. A valid credit card pre-authorization is retained for the duration of the rental in the event of loss or damage due to vandalism, bad will, theft or transformation of the aircraft; and/or (ii) any losses or damage related to overloading, operating above nominal capacity or if instructions are not followed. as security. 3.2. The rental period ends on the day the company collects the equipment.