Hso Agreement

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The Ministry of Health`s rates of pay are deducted from the respective price for each occupation. You will receive details of the bonus/agreement applicable to your employment by appointment. Section 12 Other (a) assignment. This Contract is personal to the Customer, the Customer is not authorized to transfer, mortgage, incriminate or transfer or sublicensing the rights of this Agreement, unless prior written authorization. b) severability. When a provision of this provision is found to be unlawful or unenforceable by a competent court, it is automatically considered to be in compliance with the minimum legal requirements and is therefore fully fulfilled, along with all the other provisions of this regulation. c) validity. Wherever possible, any provision of this agreement is construed as effective and valid under applicable legislation, but if a provision of this agreement is prohibited by existing legislation or is invalidated under existing legislation, that provision is null and void only to the extent that this prohibition or nullity is applicable and does not invalidate the rest of that provision or other provisions of this agreement that remain fully in force. (d) The customer`s order form, these conditions and all non-contractual obligations relating to or arising from them on the order form are subject to Dutch law and are interpreted accordingly. All disputes between HSONN and the customer on the basis of the customer`s order form, any other agreement and/or non-contractual obligations related to the order form or other agreement are settled by arbitration in accordance with the arbitration regulations of the Automatism Dispute Settlement Foundation (www.sgoa.org), without prejudice to the right of one of the parties to seek an injunction in summary arbitration proceedings and without prejudice to the parties` right to seek an injunction. (e) Notwithstanding the above, HSONN and/or the partner reserve the right to request and obtain stewardship, whether in reference, referral, referral, referral, referral, referral or any other similar import measure, including obtaining by a competent court the full payment of all costs and fees under that agreement. (f) communications.

If there are any questions about the agreement, please contact: Our goal is to have an agreement by June 30, 2018. Section 10 Start of the SaaS, subscription renewal, duration, termination and payment (a) As stated in Section 3 (a) of this Agreement, the subscription begins from the date the customer order form was accepted by HSONN.