Peter: The 1 Year Portraits

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Everyone remembers Peter, Mostly after his wonderful idea to commission an artist to get the photos in to canvas. He’s adorable, always smiling, always stylin’, and always having a blast with his wonderful family.  And, if you don’t remember Peter, here are his newborn portraits, and for good measure, his 6 month portraits.  Peter can rock any style, and it shows in these images.  Check out the sweet old-school NBA headband.  They really don’t get much cuter that’s for sure.  He also shows a bit of attitude by tearing into his very own robot cake.  Peter and fam, it’s been a pleasure watching you all grow as a family over the past year, the love you all share, the joy you bring to each other’s lives.  We can’t wait to see you all again!  And a public thank you for the home brewed bottle of Peter’s Pale Ale and chocolates, yum!

Peter in a sweet hat grinning at the camera.A little boy smiling in a cute hat.A little boy smiling in a cute hat.A little boy pushing his Fisher Price car.A family pushing their son down an alley in Lawrence, KS.A little boy in an NBA headband.Mom snuggling her baby boy and kissing his head.Little boy holding his mom's hand sweetly.A family portrait taken in Lawrence, KS.Little boy standing all on his own.Mom kissing her son's feet while dad snuggles him tight.An adorable robot cake.A little boy smashing cake all over his face and loving it.A family feeding each other cake and having a great time.A quiet family moment in Lawrence, KS.An adorable little boy smashing cake all over his face.


  1. rachael
    June 7, 2010

    Ok. The NBA sweatband/chewy onesie/leggings pictures just are the best thing I have seen all week!

  2. Sarah
    June 7, 2010


    These are awesome! LOVE the cake and the family shots!!!

  3. Emily
    June 8, 2010

    As usual, I love them. Thank you thank you thank you a million times, they are all fantastic. We love you guys!

    And you’re welcome for the beer and chocolates 🙂

    June 9, 2010

    holy crap that head band shot rules!!!


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