Married: Carey & Austin

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Ceremony & Reception location: Clubhouse on Baltimore
Makeup: CaraSue Hall
Flowers: Ornamental Petal
Band: Kerry Strayer & The Kansas City 7

One word sums up Carey & Austin’s wedding day: COLD!!!! Just kidding 🙂

While it was cold (extremely cold) the word that I thought of as I was flipping through their pictures this evening was: LOVE. We witnessed an evening chock full of love, and it was flippin’ amazing!

Now, tonight when I finally got the chance to sit down and go through our images from the day, I had marked over 80 images that were “blogworthy” as I like to call them. We had such a blast with Carey and Austin and all their wonderful friends (willing to step into the cold for an hour and a half for some awesome portraits) and family (who had smiles on their faces all day) that it made it quite easy on us to capture so many “blogworthy” images 🙂

And I want to give Drew, from VanHorn Visuals, a big thanks for coming out and spending the day with us. Drew has decided to venture into the photography world himself, so I invited him to come along and shoot with us. Thanks, Drew, you rock, and we had a blast as usual!

Don’t worry, I decided 80 images is a little too much for 1 post, so Jenny helped me whittle it down to a measly 40 🙂

I love the chaos that comes along with putting on your wedding dress 🙂

The guys

My view…

Jenny’s view

Here’s some more of our favorite portraits from the day. And, you can’t tell from the pics, but the wind made it C-O-L-D, cold!


The cold-ass wind wasn’t all bad though. While I was shooting this…

a big burst of wind came and let me capture this. Gotta love the elements sometimes 🙂

Random people always add to pictures, plus it’s fun to check out their expressions. How can you not smile as you walk past a bride and groom?

All smiles when Carey saw her father for the first time 🙂

We can’t forget about the girls! PS – How awesome were the bridesmaids dresses? Carey’s dress was pretty amazing too!

I love looking at old family wedding photos, too 🙂

A quiet moment before the ceremony

One of my favorite moments of any wedding. And, if you can’t tell, Carey was pretty excited to get married 🙂

Both Austin and Carey’s parents stood up and gave the couple some advice on marriage during the ceremony. It was a unique experience that I’m glad I was a part of.

I told you Carey was excited!

The details looked awesome. Ornamental Petal did such a wonderful job.

The rings

Austin’s brother and the bridal party surprised the newlyweds with their own rendition of T-Pain’s Low (the Applebottom Jeans song) for his best man speech. Let’s just say, it was quite funny! And, can I just ask, who wears applebottom jeans and boots with fur, I’m curious 🙂

Austin & Carey’s reaction

Yes, he’s that good!

Kerry Strayer and The Kansas City 7 followed that performance up with some wonderful music of their own.

2 observations about this next series.

1. Carey and Austin, you knew these were going to show up on the blog. Seriously, you guys have the absolute BEST funny faces I’ve ever seen! I dare the rest of my couples to try and top ’em. And, yes, that’s a challenge!

2. Max LOVES to check out our blog, so I’m hoping that he’ll get some inspiration from both of you for some new funny faces 🙂

And, finally, a shot of Drew to prove that, yes, it was quite chilly!

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