Operation Get Jenny to Alt Summit

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Let's get this woman to Alt Summit.

Every year there is a conference called Alt Summit. It’s held in Salt Lake City in January. My wife has wanted to go ever since she missed out on last year’s. It’s a chance to connect with people to make our lives better, one step towards growing the Happy Family Movement into the household name we strive for it to be, a chance for Jenny to share all of her wonderful gifts with some pretty awesome people.

Short story: Last week, I was out of town, tickets for Alt Summit went on sale. Jenny had the chance to purchase one, had it in her cart, and worrying about how we could possibly afford a trip like that in the middle of winter, closed firefox without making the purchase. The conference then sold out in 30 minutes.

Here’s where I need YOUR help. Jenny is MEANT to be there. I feel it. She’s a kind, loving, warm soul ready to get our message to the masses. Alt Summit fits into that for some reason I can’t fully put into words. All we’re looking for is 1 ticket.

  • Do you have a friend attending that has an extra one? I’d like to purchase it for Jenny.
  • Did you buy one and have something come up? I’d like to purchase it for Jenny.
  • Are you an Alt Summit speaker that needs help with anything at all? Jenny can help.
  • Insert other creative ways I might be able to find Jenny a ticket for Alt Summit here

All we’re asking for is ONE ticket. If you can help me find that ticket, we’ll be eternally grateful. If you find it in your hearts to share this post any way shape or form, that would be great…twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+, tumblr…

My wife makes me smile daily. She’s the most amazing woman I could have ever asked to spend my life with. Let’s join together and get her to Alt Summit!!!

Updated (by Jenny) to add : Alt Summit has a new blog! For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog! (My favorite post is Three Goals for a Blogging Conference, which I hope to be referring to when I get a ticket 🙂

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  1. Laura Parke
    August 16, 2012

    those alt summit tickets went so fast this year! they will hold contests, etc. for more tickets i’m sure, so be on the lookout on the alt summit blog for them. if i hear of anything, i’ll let you know. good luck!


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