Prenuptial Agreement Alabama

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But at the end of the day, Alabama`s marital agreement law can be quite complex, with several subtleties to follow to make the agreements applicable. There are several reasons for the development of a marriage pact. Some people think that prenups are only for very wealthy couples, but the reality is that every couple with assets, potential business interests, debts or children should seriously consider having a marriage agreement before marriage. Marital agreements or “prenupes” have received a bad reputation because they are often associated with “golden” celebrities. However, the reality of using a prenup is much different from the movies and movies you believe in. A pre-marital agreement allows both parties in a commitment to make decisions about their property and property before marrying. If you want to develop a marriage or post-uptiale agreement, you need legal advice from qualified lawyers. At New Beginnings Family Law in Huntsville, Alabama, our firm has more than a decade of experience in marital and post-uptal agreements. Contact us now by phone or online for a consultation. Most U.S. states have adopted the Prenuptial Agreement Act.

This act outlines certain rules necessary to make a marriage agreement applicable. Alabama is not one of those states. One of the main advantages of a well-developed marriage contract, also known in Alabama as antenuptial agreement, is the ability to address real estate sharing issues before they have an opportunity to express themselves. For example, if the marriage in question ends in divorce, a marriage can determine the property that is the responsibility of any spouse, which can be extremely useful in cases where a person wishes to protect property or family businesses. A post-uptial agreement can be useful if the circumstance of a spouse`s financial situation changes. If z.B. a husband must inherit a large amount of property and property from his parents, a post-marital arrangement can define his fortune as separate and make arrangements when the marriage ends. If you would like to discuss marital and post-uptal agreements to find out if you have decided to enter into one, feel free to speak to a prenup lawyer at Alabama Divorce – Family Lawyers, LLC. We are here to answer your questions and talk to you through your concerns.

We want to help you do your best for your family and make sure you are fully aware of the Alabama law. Under Alabama law, all marriage contracts must be signed in writing and by the spouse who, as part of the agreement, waives rights such as the right to compassionate care in the state of Alabama. The best practice is for each spouse to sign the agreement. A lot of other problems, such as. B that incorrect signatures, could also affect the validity of your marriage contract.