Subaward Agreement Template

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Change of model for submissions issued under UG – Is used when a change is to be issued to a sub-receiver who is already subject to uniform instructions according to the original Subaward. This subaward sample was created to assist in the issuance of fixed-rate subawards to registration offices as part of NIH-funded clinical/clinical research studies. Please note that this example should only be changed if required by your NIH price. Field names, locations and uses for all data fields in different sub-prime models. Survey modification – an option for PTEs to expedite agreements in circumstances where simple and non-substantial changes to the original agreement are required. You will find examples of its use in the model. Please note that this model can only be used if both parties have agreed to unilateral changes in accordance with the facet of the original agreement. FDP members are NOT required to use or accept Appendix 7 in their sub-increases. In certain circumstances, subcontracting and consulting contracts can be settled through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. A checklist of additional terms and conditions that institutions may wish to include as sub-premiums to foreign companies.

eRA: Please contact Amanda Humphrey: if you have any problems loading these models into your systems. Please use the form and instructions to request a change in the content of the FDP subcommittee. This form will help the co-chairs work on the issues raised and determine how to submit them to FDP members. If you notice any typos in the Subaward model, please email the co-chair at Subcontract Sample. Recommended use: outsourcing under a federal contract (or with a revision, a non-federal agreement). Created to help institutions discuss possible subaward language in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Change of model to include UG in existing subawards – to be used when the main auction for PTE uniform Guidance (UG) is submitted and an amendment must be issued to sub-receivers whose initial agreement is subject to the previous OMB circulars. This modification model will cause UG to flow to the sub-receiver.