The Krafchik Family

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After our time in Washington, DC, we spent a few days with the Krafchik‘s in Rock Hall, MD. We spent the day making beignet’s & dressing up & catching fish. It was a blast & I LOVE being able to spend so much time with a family, just quietly observing & documenting. Here’s a bit of what I saw…

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  1. Nancy Barnhart
    November 4, 2016

    And…….the FAST CLICK AWARD goes to: ME! I’ve never clicked on a link to a blog as fast as I did with this one!!!! Oh MY. OH MY. OH MY!!! What a GIANT TREAT to see these of my friend Jen and her family! JOSH!!! These are ALL. SO. GOOD!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for documenting these precious moments! One of my (many) favorites is the b & w of Jen’s husband, holding their son on the boat. SO DEAR!

    Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!!


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