Married: Lindsey & Ryan

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Ceremony: Ascension Catholic Church

Reception: The Grand Reserve

Flowers: Dan Meiners

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I say it over and over, I know, but weddings are the most fun events to shoot! Every single wedding is different.  No two people love each other the exact same way.  And, we just get the raddest couples on the face of the earth.  People that care about each other and the ones who love them most.  People that want to have a great time.  People that enjoy life and the things that make us all unique.  Lindsey & Ryan are two people that just plain have FUN with each other.  They were all smiles ALL day, which sure makes our job a whole lot easier!  From the moustaches, to the coolest freaking party bus in Kansas City (yes, they had the one complete with a stripper pole in the middle), to the song Ryan recorded for Lindsey that they danced to at their reception, it was just a WONDERFUL day all around.  Oh, it rained, a lot, but no one cared, we kicked that rain storm in the face and partied all night.

Now for their gigantic blog post.  And, please, just because you should, tell the ones that you love that you love them lots today.

Bonus: Seeing two past wedding couples meant we knew darn near everybody at the wedding. Major awesomeness there.

Candid groomsman image.Bridesmaids in the parking lot.Groomsmen watching football.Bride putting on her beautiful wedding dress.Bride getting her wedding dress laced up.Beautiful candid image of the bride before her wedding ceremony.Grandma smiles at a baby.Bridesmaids smile at bride after she puts on her gorgeous wedding dress.Groom reads his card from his bride.Bride opens her card from her groom and laughs.Groomsman sitting in a tiny chair.Groomsmen sitting in little chairs watching K-State football.Groom and his dad pre wedding ceremony.Emotional moment between groom and his mom.Bride and her sister wait anxiously for groom to arrive for their first moment on their wedding day.Groom getting blindfold on.Blindfolded groom being led to his bride on their Kansas City wedding day.Awesome bride and groom portrait.No peeking, bride and groom picture.Blindfolded groom and bride share a moment before their gorgeous kansas city wedding day.Bride with beautiful antique rosary.Candid shot of bride and her bridesmaids waiting for wedding ceremony to start.Groom waits patiently for his wedding to start.Grandma and father of the bride look at bride with huge smiles.Bridesmaids fluff the bride's wedding dress.Bride and her father toast before the wedding.Bride waiting patiently for wedding to start.Candid bridesmaids image.Bride waits with her dad for the wedding to start.Beautiful Kansas City wedding shot.Mother laughing at a Kansas City wedding.Bride and groom portrait taken at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.Beautiful bride and groom portrait at Union Station in Kansas City.Funny bride and groom portrait.Fun bridal party picture taken at Union Station in Kansas City, MO.Bridal party toasts on a party bus in Kansas City.Bride and groom walk in the rain at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City on their wedding day.Fun party bus wedding picture.Fun moustaches at a wedding.Bridesmaids in funny moustaches reading newspapers.Bridal party toast at the Grand Falloon in Kansas City.Beautiful first dance shot.Awesome first dance shot at a Kansas City wedding reception.Grandpa hugs the bride.Fun wedding reception picture.Fun father daughter dance in Kansas City at the Grand Reserve downtown.Emotional father daughter dance at a downtown Kansas City wedding.Emotional mother son dance at a Kansas City wedding reception.Groom hugs his mother after their dance at his wedding.Bridesmaids dancing at a beautiful downtown Kansas City wedding reception.Wedding reception at a the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.Bride dancing with her sister at her wedding reception.Sorority sisters singing together at a wedding reception.Happy people at a Kansas City wedding reception.Girl with a fake moustache at a wedding reception.Groomsman dancing at a Federal Reserve bank building in Kansas City.Table dancing at a wedding reception in Kansas City.Bride and groom playing limbo at their wedding reception.Bride and groom falling while playing limbo at their wedding reception.Fun wedding ring picture with a moustache.

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