Shooting from the Hip!

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Okay, okay, so maybe blogging isn’t so bad after all. I’m still not as excited as Jenny is, but I will write one from time to time.

So my buddy, Drew, came over last Friday night for taco night (with his MacBook, I might add) to show me a wedding video he’s been editing lately. He’s new to the wedding business, and does wonderful work, by the way. Anyway, as I was watching his video, I kept seeing the photographer pop up here and there. As a photographer, it’s only natural for me to watch other photographers work. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two, you never know. When we got to some video of the bridal party pics, I saw the photographer circle around the bride and groom snapping photos left and right. As a wedding photographer, that’s a good thing, it’s our job to take great pictures of the bride and groom. The only problem was that he was not looking through the viewfinder at all! He was holding the camera down by his hip and clicking away! As Drew and I had a chuckle over this style (is this even a style?) I thought to myself, what can I learn from this photographer. I didn’t know it would hit me so soon, but this evening, Max was out playing with his best friend, Zoey (the girl next door), and I decided to try out this new style. Here’s what I got:

Max & Zoey From the Hip!

And another one:

Zoey From the Hip!

So, I’m pretty happy with the results! Zoey’s mom and dad had a good chuckle at my expense, but later thanked me for wearing their child out. I actually had a ton of fun chasing Max and Zoey around!

So, if you are interested in any pictures taken on your wedding day where I am running around like a freakin’ madman and snapping photos without using the viewfinder let me know.


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